Heroes & Villains: Allies & Enemies

AE-cover“Allies & Enemies” continues the story of Vereint and Warrick from where it left off in “Heroes & Villains” [Amazon link: Heroes & Villains] [Smashwords link: Heroes & Villains]

It is 100,000+ words long, and comprises three arcs.

The First Five Chapters (raw):
Chapter One & Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five

Allies & Enemies has been contracted by Less Than Three Press and will be released July 16, 2014.

Summary: Picks up where “Heroes & Villains” left off, continues the story of Vereint and Warrick. They are happy in their life together, but sometimes bad things happen to good people … and bad people set the world on fire.

I am currently working on “All That Remains.”

Darkstar x Blue Ice.

Though “Allies & Enemies” is the direct sequel to “Heroes & Villains,” it can be read as a standalone novel. My writing style has developed and grown since I first started writing about superheroes and supervillains and I like to think that my ability to write action scenes has grown as well.

I believe that “Allies & Enemies” has a tighter feel to the story, as I wasn’t having to introduce the characters and world from scratch. While I don’t think that people unfamiliar with “Heroes & Villains” will be left too far in the dark — it’s easy to pick up what’s going on — there are references to events that happened in “Heroes & Villains” that tie-in with Vereint and Warrick’s continuing story.

Main Cast:

Warrick Reidenger Tobias — Blue Ice. superhero. League of Superheroes.

Vereint Georges — Starburst/Darkstar. ex-superhero/supervillain.

Caspian Dukes — half-Atlantean. superhero. League of Superheroes.

Melissa Kim — orphan.

Appearances By:

Flame Burst — superhero. League of Superheroes.

Sunfire — superhero. Teen Demi.

Sonic Pulse — superhero. Teen Demi.

Ethan Palmer — police detective.

Kid Nitro — superhero. sidekick to Lightspeed.

Teen Steel — superhero. Teen Demi.