THE RED BEAD, by Harper Kingsley

"book cover: The Red Bead, by Harper Kingsley"

The Red Bead, by Harper Kingsley


Anselm "Anse" Lotham starts out as "just a guy," then events go out of control and he becomes the head of his family. He is hard as nails and nothing can touch him -- except he's haunted by his old online persona of "Eli" and the man he refuses to love. Because once upon a time Anse was a completely different person, back when he still occasionally wore dresses and answered to the name he was born with. But Poppy's dead now, and so is the love she used to have for some boy he never knew.
The main chapters ONE, TWO, THREE, etc are the story.
The numeral chapters 001, 002, 003, etc are introspection pieces and side shots.

The Red Bead - Characters of interest

Anselm "Anse" Lotham
born: Poppy Anne Lotham
23 years old at start
brown hair
blue right eye
brown left eye
5'7" tall
Leland "Lee" Shuman
Anse's right hand man and main enforcer
24 years old at start
brownish-blond hair
green eyes
6'1" tall
Keith Lotham
27 years old at start
6'3" tall
straw blond hair
hazel eyes
dresses all in black
kind of a stoner
James Lotham
29 years old at start
likes wearing polo shirts
5'10" tall
burly guy
straw blond hair cut short
hazel eyes
Neil Bonham
32 years old at start
Lotham cousin
nicknamed: Lightning Fists
5'10" tall
missing an eyetooth
good looking and knows it
dark brown hair
brown eyes
Kyle Bonham
25 years old at start
Lotham cousin. Kind of a loose cannon. Has anger management issues; causes trouble a lot
5'9" tall
built like a wrestler: powerful shoulders, arms bulging with muscle
shaved head
brown eyes
Lidia Lotham
16 years old at start
strawberry blond hair
hazel eyes
5'8" tall
heart-shaped face
Charles Lotham
15 years old at start
calls the Lotham brothers "Uncle" even though they're more like third-cousins
5'11" tall
brown eyes
dirty blond hair