Title: Tuesday Night
Author: Harper Kingsley
Setting: Universe B/AU
Framework: Kanon
Characters: Sunfire (Seth Payne), Teen Steel (Tony Randolph)
Genre: superhero, sci-fi, m/m

Summary: Follows the adventures of the superheroes Sunfire and Teen Steel as they explore the mysteries of life, love, and punching villains in the face.


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Excerpt: Evan agreed to be Henry's nanny and Tony felt some of his overprotective worry ease. If someone decided to come after Henry they would only have a few seconds to be surprised before they were vaporized by one of the world's strongest pyrokinetics. Which meant Tony felt ready to go back to work, secure with the knowledge that Evan was keeping Henry safe.

It was still hard that first week, leaving Henry behind. He'd grown used to taking care of the little guy. Saying goodbye even for the day felt horrible. But at least he knew he could trust Evan. The man *had* nearly been his father-in-law after all.

Once he'd gone on his first patrol since Henry's arrival, Tony could admit that he'd missed it. From the feel of the uniform against his skin to the thrill of facing down bad guys, he'd missed it all. The only thing he hadn't missed was the paperwork--that he could have happily done without.

Being back on duty wasn't without some stress. He was on call, but his schedule had been worked so he went home at night rather than being in the Demi Lair 24/7. There was still some tension over the whole slept with Solar/had a baby with Solar/ran Solar and Pulsar out of the group awkward drama. And then there were the two new members, WarSong and Saint Kloude--adding new members to any group always changed the dynamics and he hadn't had a chance to fully adapt to the changes when there was the first all hands on deck call.

"What's happening?" Tony pulled on his body armor and his knuckle busters. Just because he was near impervious when powered up didn't mean he went on duty in a tee shirt and a pair of jeans. He liked the added protection of armor and some offensive weaponry.

Seth had finished suiting up and was industriously loading both of their guns with lethal rounds. It wasn't an ----optimistic, hopeful---- sight for whatever they were facing.

"No clue, though it's an All Call. We're being assigned as backup for the League," Seth said.

"Shit." The last All Call had involved the 300-foot-tall Behemoth attacking Star City, which was bad enough, except he'd been working with the Dark Magician. Tony had spent two hours transformed into a chicken, which had resulted in a week of cock jokes.

All Calls were never any fun, mostly because they only happened when planetary threats were detected. It was added stress to realize that failure could mean the end of the world or at least all life on it.

Tony hurriedly finished dressing, then accepted his guns. He checked them before snapping them in their thigh holsters, but it was more by rote than anything else. He trusted Seth with his life.

"Here." Seth held out the heavy-duty helm Tony usually eschewed. "Wouldn't want to lose an eye."

"Thanks." The helm was actually a helmet that fit over Tony's head and latched to the near-invisible clamps attached to his armored neck protector. Heavy and black with no visible eye slit, the inside padding conformed to the shape of his face and the plastisteel was one way transparent--he could look out, but no one could look in.

"I feel like a big dildo," he said, fighting a shudder at the eerie reverberations. He hated the helm.

Seth laughed and put on his own white helm. He was also wearing full battle dress, the armor adding bulk to his shoulders and chest. "At least you're not the only one all dressed up. I felt like a tool when I took on Parakeith."

Tony winced. Seth had won the battle of course, but he'd also had to spend a month in the infirmary. He wondered if Seth still had pins in his left leg or if they'd all been removed. The armor had been the only thing that saved the leg--healers could repair most anything as long as they had something to work with. After that point there was only the cybernetics department at Lucifer Labs.

Tony checked himself over in the mirror, running through his mental checklist. "I'm ready," he said.

Seth slapped him on the shoulder. He didn't feel it through the armor. "Let's go find out what's threatening the Earth today. I'm kind of hoping for zombies."

"Bite your tongue." Tony held the locker room door open for him, then they walked down the hallways side-by-side.

An All Call meant massive amounts of danger and failure not being an option. Maybe Tony should have been scared, but mostly he was excited. With Seth at his side, geared up as Sunfire and looking ready to kick some ass, Tony thought there wasn't anything he couldn't handle.

They were the heroes of this story, and the heroes always won.