Dear Reader,

Hello and welcome to my author page. If you've wandered here off the street, I mostly write science fiction and fantasy, though I have been known to dabble in poetry and slice of life fiction.

In my personal life I enjoy cooking, watching television and movies, and playing video games (badly). This means that there are times when I feel the need to share my cooking experiments and recipes, as well as my reviews and essays about various things. (Somewhere out there is a product review focused entirely on candy. It has been classified under "unmitigated babble," as it's simply a rambling diatribe about my preference for anything but black licorice flavoring. Blegh.)

Feel free to poke around and see if there's anything that catches your interest.

There are serials, which are stories posted in either linear chapter formats or as interconnected short stories that can be combined together into one overarching theme.

Current serials include: "Tuesday Night," which is set in an alternate version of the "Heroes & Villains" universe that I call the Kanon-verse. Following the lives, loves, and adventures of the superheroes Sunfire (Seth Payne) and Teen Steel (Tony Randolph), it's basically a novel broken up into 10k-40k "Parts."

"The Panic Pure" is a m/m romantic thriller whereby a bumbling but handsome FBI agent falls for an issue-having billionaire. And there's a cannibalistic serial killer on the loose, but that's mostly secondary to the sweet romance. Mostly.

"Paradigm Shift" is set in a futuristic alternate universe where the human race has undergone a genetic shift due to various "Phage" viruses--including the one that reanimated the dead and created a zombie situation that devastated the population to near extinction levels. Decades later, another virus wiped out all female fertility. And so, in the face of extinction, humans turn to the so-called Third-sex to save themselves. Included in their number is Gregor Tierney, who simply wants to be left alone.

"Across Two Divides" is a soap opera of a story following the lives of Nicholas, Christian, and their various friends and hangers on. From the board room to the back alley, with gangsters and musicians running amok, the best word to describe "Across Two Divides"--or A2D as I sometimes call it--is "DRAMA!"

"From Diamond to Coal" begins in the future, then backtracks to the beginning of the love affair between genius inventor William Neeley and future-President of the United States Alan Trent. They are two men that belong together, and they won't let anyone keep them apart.

"Franz Caulder" begins with the "Slipping Through the Cracks" storyline. Opening with "Normal Again," Franz wakes up in a mental hospital with no idea how he got there and a full complement of doctors, nurses, and fellow patients insisting that he has been there for over a year. Never mind that he went to bed as Kid Nitro the night before.

Shorts and Squares is a collection of vignettes (shorts) and short stories (squares). Set in my various worlds, pretty much anything can happen, and does. Any one of these pieces may be expanded upon in the future, though feel free to experience them in their natural state. They were written to be enjoyed.

The "Spoilers!" section is where I babble about my various worlds and plot ideas. If you don't want future stories to be spoiled, avoid this section. Or if you've read a story and want a deeper glimpse into my thought processes, go ahead and take a look around. You might be surprised by where I derive my inspirations.

The Bibliography section is what it says on the tin. Completed stories are accompanied by links, and I will try my best to keep things up-to-date.

There are Prompts, which are story ideas that are speculated on and expanded through short stories, vignettes, and random babble. They encompass everything from time travel to awkward wedding situations.

I am fairly active in various fandoms, which is why there's a Fandom section. This is where I talk about what fandoms I'm interested in and speculate about awesome storylines that will probably never happen. Basically, this is where my inner nerd takes the wheel.

The "Movies and Television" section and the "Books" section are where I post reviews, essays, and random babble about the various things I enjoy. Expect a lot of sci-fi, fantasy, military sci-fi, and popular cartoons. (Favorite movies: Resident Evil, Dredd, Pacific Rim, Dark City, Penelope, Cube, Pitch Black, She's the Man, and The Man From Nowhere.)

I am currently at work building "Bump Screens," my interactive story game, but it will be a while before it's available to the public. When it's ready, I will let you all know and you can try it out. I have high hopes that it will be a lot of fun, or at the very least moderately entertaining. (I think it's fun, but what do I know. Sometimes my fantabulous brain inserts awesomeness where no awesome can be found.)

Anyway, I hope that you enjoy your stay. Things are definitely happening here, and if you don't find what you're looking for on your first visit, be assured that by the time you come again there will be more content and hopefully something that will strike your fancy.