Young Adult

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Title: Tired
Series: Ironic Diatribe
Author: Sol Crafter
Genre: YA, drama, coming of age
Rating: teen

Summary: Four childhood friends and their families as they battle the horrors of teenager-hood and life.

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Title: Pulse of the City
Series: Supergroup
Author: Harper Kingsley
Genre: teenaged superhero, drama
Word count: 51,890 (207 manuscript pages)
Rating: teen

Summary: Susie Smith has been suffering from amnesia ever since she was dug out from beneath a destroyed building after Malice the Malcontent attacked the city. She has no idea who her family is or where she came from. She was a blank slate that had to create a completely new identity. Then, during a trip to the mall with her friends, the mall is attacked and Susie comes face-to-face with the Teen Demis.