late night/early morning

My birthday is in a couple of days, so I’m pre-scheduling a whole month of posts. I guess it’s kind of a “Hey, I’m alive!” type of deal. But whatever.

I’m pecking away at “All That Remains”, but I keep having to change stuff as I add details to “Tuesday Night”, “Blue Fairy”, and the Supergroup series. I did not realize how difficult it was to get so many groups of superheroes, supervillains, and normal people in one place at one time.

I would like to blame the difficulty on the fact that multiple characters are on different worlds from each other and the Heroes & Villains world, but geez. There’s groups of people on the same planet I’m having a hard time getting to the story meet-up climax.

Characters so far:
Vereint Georges//Darkstar
Warrick Tobias//Blue Ice
Caspian Dukes
Blue Star//Bluestar
Melissa Kim//Blue Devil//Blue Fairy
Teen Steel
Sonic Pulse
Saint Kloude

I want everything to be tightly wound together plot-wise. I don’t want anyone to be left scratching their head wondering where the deus ex machina came from.

I’m trying to match up my various story outlines so once I push “All That Remains” through, I should be able to bring the other people into the plot riding in on their own stories.

Sunfire/Teen Steel slash is what’s currently happening in “Tuesday Night”, along with foiling a Zarplaxian invasion and mass murder. I kind of see Seth as a parallel to Vereint, though with a bit less power and a lot less crazy; though the less crazy thing probably has to do with the disparity in their power levels. (Those with Charm metabilities are being classified as highly susceptible to psychotic behavior when using those abilities. Kanon-Darkstar is his Earth’s poster child for Charm-abuse.)

In the Supergroup universe, Ashley discovers she’s got a weird sister, kills a bunch of supposedly dead people, averts an apocalypse, and marries her superhero boyfriend. She’s still very me-me-me and maybe a bit unlikable(?) but I’m hoping she becomes a better person. It’s not like I’ve never killed off a main character before.

Melissa Kim is traveling the multiverse, attempting to stop a madman from killing all of the alternate versions of Vereint Georges. She begins calling all those not-Vereint’s “variants” and keeps her attention focused on her task. She’s so focused she doesn’t notice the ripples she’s leaving in the various timelines; the changes she’s making.

Identified Variants:
Simon Peters
William Neely
Lovely Splendour
Ashley Valentine
Ares, God of War (Universe A)
Gregor Tierney

Anyways, expect prompts, excerpts, and chapters all through January.

Until tomorrow, goodnight to you. Goodnight to me.

~Peace, love, joy