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Me and Twitter; Yoono, Why You No Work?

I’m sorry I get so chatty scattered on Twitter. I use it to mark pages I want to revisit and things I want to remember. It’s kind of like my roving notepad while I’m doing whatever.

I have whole conversations in my head, reams of dialogue and theme designs, so I write out the thought key that opens all those ideas up for me. I have concepts I want to develop, but not right now. And since everything gets sent to my tweet log, I have my notes neatly collated for me. It’s very helpful and I can expand the ideas on LJ.

I have a Pinboard account, but even with the little bookmarklet, it’s still easier for me to see everything on the clean plains of my Twitter dash and later on my tweet log. I bookmark things, but I rarely go back to them if the bookmark display page feels weird. (Delicious has a better GUI.)

I think there’s something strange with my brain. I don’t think I think the same way that other people do (sic). My thought processes come together in a different way than other peoples’. It makes me feel wicked exposed to talk about it, but yeah, I think I might be weird. /irony

I like the Yoono sidebar because it lets me minimize Firefox and have Scrivener and VLC over most of the screen. When Firefox is fully open, I get easily distracted by the Internet.

I need the Yoono sidebar to be fixed so I can get back to work. I’m desperate without it.

My writing process:

  • Scrivener — writing, compiling.
  • OpenOffice — editing, submitting. (Used to be LibreOffice, but OpenOffice just did something cool that I can’t remember off the top of my head. I do all my font choosing in Scrivener, because Multiple Languages and Sections happen in OO and LO when I mess around with fonts too much. It’s pretty lame.)
  • Yoono Sidebar — tweeting, chatting, noting ideas.
  • VLC Player — distraction, inspiration. (My brain is made for multitasking. I need the sound of voices around me and some kind of running storyline. I prefer short episodes to story heavy movies when I’m writing.)
  • Semagic — blogging, WordPress, LiveJournal, Dreamwidth. (I love Semagic. It’s simple to use and it can do a lot. I wish there were a few upgrades, but in all, it’s the awesomest blogging program for what I do. Does more than a lot of paid programs, yet it’s free. LJ-cuts are awesome, though I wish the WP More tag was a one-click option, because I can never remember how to make it.)

I write in Scrivener with the Yoono Sidebar to the left and VLC player to the right. When an idea developes in my head, I have Semagic open beneath the VLC player so I can journal and write myself fanfic notes.


I’m kind of an island by Internet terms. I put out a lot of fic (between 39 and 100 fanfics depending on splitting collections into separate pieces), meta considerations, original content, and kudos. I tweet and blog, but most times I feel like I’m talking to myself, voicing my reactions to the various things I come across. Which probably makes me sound kind of weird and scattered. (There’s a whole side being left out of the story.)

It’s just that most of my Internet interactions are related to fanfic. It makes it hard for me to figure out what all the hullabaloos in Writer Land are about.

I’m either writing my shit (mostly original fic at the mo, sorry fans), or reading other peoples’ shit. So when I go on Facebook or Twitter or Goodreads or wherever the supposed social meccas exist, I’m way behind on anything going on. Even Tumblr makes me feel like I’m not doing it right.

So, TL;DR, follow me on Twitter if you don’t mind that I’m weird.

  • Lots of links to Cracked articles, Buzzfeed, social injustices, people I’m trying to impress, and Triberr posts.
  • Scatalogical thought streams, movie and TV babble, wank, and music videos.
  • Fandom shit for no apparent reason.
  • Random moments of neurosis.

I’m terrible about starting a conversation, but if you @ me, I’ll respond. If you send me links and stuff, I’m happy to share or have a thought about whatever. I do not respond to DMs from people I don’t know, sorry. (There are way too many “Now that you’ve followed me, here’s a link to my book/movie/crap” automated DMs. Seriously, if our first interaction is you direct spamming me, ugh. That’s a bad impression, dude. I’ll give you a chance, but I’m not going to respond to it.)

If you’ve got a cool fic, send me a link. I post recs to my fandom blog, so I’d love to hear about good stories. I read other fandoms, but my faves are: Avengers (mostly Stony), BtVS (I love a good hardcore Buffy story), Chronicles of Riddick (Riddick/Vaako), Dark City, Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda (Harper!), Hannibal (Hannigram), Harry Potter (crossovers), Highlander (Methos), Hikaru no Go (Hikaru/Akira but not all depressing, Hikaru/Sai), My Boss My Hero (Japanese, Maki/Jun), Naruto (Kakashi/Iruka, time travel, Naruto is grown up), Ranma 1/2, Smallville (CLex), Superman Returns (Kal-El/Richard), Teen Wolf (Sterek), Torchwood (Ianto-centric), Vorkosigan Saga (Miles/Gregor, Ivan/Byerly), X-Men. I’m mostly into slash, though I can get behind a good genhet piece. Choosy character pieces, bad assery, lots of action. Plot over porn, please.

You can tweet me links, but unless you say you’re the author, I’ll Pinboard rather than retweet. I try to keep specific fandom stuff to my fandom accounts. But I only have one Twitter (and Tumblr) that I actually use.

Twitter: HarperKingsley0.

NOTE: Yoono sidebar has been down for weeks now :/ Without it, I miss seeing a lot of stuff on Twitter because I don’t check my email as much as I should, or I’m checking from my Kindle. (One of my weird things is that I don’t respond to things from the email on my Kindle. It’s like how I can’t use a toilet for 30 minutes after I know someone else has used it.)

Also, I’ve recently discovered the “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” Charlie/Scientist fandom. I don’t watch the show and I find most of it distasteful, but Charlie/Scientist goes hand-in-hand with the whole Newt/Hermann thing I’m developing. So if you want to write me something … I reciprocate (and I’m a fandom whore, so your dreams could come true).