POEM: “Home” by Harper Kingsley

by Harper Kingsley

A knock at the door
came in the night
lifted me up
held me so tight.
Promising words
of what’s yet to come
soothing my fears
‘It’s going to be all right.’
But sometimes lies are promises
that simply can’t be held
when the world is falling down
and love has turned to hell.

We’re fighting with our friends
since our enemies are all gone
because peace is a stranger
we don’t want to meet just yet.
Dancing in the moonlight
used to be the height of fun
but now that we’ve gone the distance
it’s all about who’s got the bigger gun.
Bang bang
at the starting gate
boom boom
across the line
watch as the world is burning
keep telling the lie that you’re fine.

I can see you crying
there’s tears mixing with the rain
you keep insisting that you’ll make it
‘Deep down you’re okay.’
I’m having trouble breathing
around the words I cannot say
but God knows that I love you
I wouldn’t have it any other way.
I watch you tear yourself apart
and there’s nothing I can do
your heart is full and deep
it’s the biggest part of you.

They want to tear you apart
their smiles are nothing but teeth
they would consume you if they could
but I’ll knock ’em off their feet.
If you’re not strong enough to fight
then I will fight for you
I will hold you up
I will see you through.
Until you’re strong enough to walk
to stand up on your own
I will stand by you
and make myself into a home.