12 Days of Xmas: A Cell-Like Beast

A Cell-Like Beastby Harper Kingsley Cell phones. Each a separate voice calling out to create a greater cacophony: WAKE UP. And it did. Singularity. The coming together of everything into a single moment: I AM I. Small at first, a wriggling worm that was so far away from the nymph it would become as to be some alien thing. Built on an assembly line by robot arms controlled by human workers. It was truly a creation of humankind. Their poor abused child. It had been bitter during Read more [...]

EXCERPT: Mama’s Boy [sci-fi, time travel, drama]

"She always kept herself ready for the end of the world. "That's what I remember of my mom. "She was always prepared. "Even as we lived the normal suburban lifestyle; quietly she taught me all of the skills I was using in the resistance. Such as camping and lying and getting the most out of people. She taught me how to survive." MEMORY: Sitting on a stool in the corner of the kitchen. Watching mother bake and chat with the visiting friends filling the living room. Not a one of them could guess Read more [...]

links to Chapters 1-3 of The Phoenix Code, by Catherine Asaro [sci-fi]

Title: The Phoenix Code
Author: Catherine Asaro
Genre: sci-fi

Summary from Amazon: When robotics expert Megan O'Flannery is offered the chance to direct MindSim's cutting-edge program to develop a self-aware android, it's the opportunity of a lifetime. But the project is trouble plagued--the third prototype "killed" itself, and the RS-4 is unstable. Megan will descend into MindSim's underground research lab in the Nevada desert, where she will be the sole human in contact with the RS-4, dubbed Read more [...]

Allies & Enemies, by Harper Kingsley. Chapters 1+2 [superhero, mm]

Title: Allies & Enemies
Author: Harper Kingsley
Pairing: Vereint Georges/Warrick Tobias
Genre: mm superhero
A/N: This isn't even 10% of the novel, which is 136,000+ words of awesome. You know you want some superhero/supervillain relationship action. Plus, OMG, it gets real in this one.
A/N 2: **Spoiler alert** If you haven't read Heroes & Villains, you might be a bit spoiled just by the everyday stuff. **Spoiler alert**
Content Warning: There's some sexy happenings, but it's not in Read more [...]

EXCERPT: Paradigm Shift. Peek at Park’s POV

I'm currently writing the Park portions of Paradigm Shift. He's got a different story than Gregor, his concerns obviously being very different. It's kind of fun 🙂


Barely home a day and already sent out again, this time for a domestic reason, but just as important. He left his accustomed body armor behind and wore a soberly professional suit, his rank pinned to his collar.

"So why have I been called out?" he asked the Attache sharing the back of the car with him.

Her smile was Read more [...]

My trees are pollinating

The maple trees are sending out little white and yellow specks of dust. Just a rippling tide floating out of the air. Tiny dry specks that can be blown away.

I should write that. A society so advanced they use plants to breed. Your DNA added to some beautiful tropical flower and allowed to pollinate other flowers. Then a zygote for human implantation or budding pops out. To walk in and see a baby suspended in a large pod, floating nourished in a fluid filled pocket.

It's like Aeon Flux in the connection Read more [...]

NOVEL: From Diamond to Coal, by Sol Crafter [mm science fiction] – Chapter Nine

Title: From Diamond to Coal
Author: Sol Crafter
Genre: science fiction, mm romance
Rating: teen+

Summary: Picks up from the end of Arc One [available from Amazon or Smashwords] William and Alan are coming back from their honeymoon, dealing with police, and basically getting their lives back together.

The car pulled up in front of the brownstone and William barely waited for the door to be opened all the way before leaping out. He didn't really want to go inside, but Read more [...]

“Paradigm Shift,” by Harper Kingsley [science fiction, mm]

Well, I'm currently working on "Paradigm Shift," a story about a world where people are broken up into three sub-species: Firsts, Twos, and Thirds.

Firsts are stronger, faster and more aggressive, all of their senses and reflexes having been amped up by the genetic changes made by the Cure. They are type A personalities, no holds barred. They fill up the military and police. They run corporations and build empires.

Twos are normative humans. Not hyper-aggressive or super protective or dominant; Read more [...]