Cat toys question — Imma look for the answer

So I’ve got these two cats now. Well, a cat and a kitten. Which is kind of the problem.

Banjo is kind of a bully. And I’m thinking it’s due to a sense of being usurped. (I’ve seen that Simpsons episode. "Uu-SUR-pER!")

She’s starting to get along with Lemon, but she’s also become kind of aggressive. She’s just all around grumpy.

We try to include her in play, but she just sits and stares. She’s become standoffish. And I think it’s because she feels like she’s losing her place.

I want them to play together.

So I was wondering if there is a toy where they have to cooperate together to get treats. Like a Kong for cats, but forcing cooperative play.

Or are cats not able to relate like that? Would they be able to figure out that the toy only works if they BOTH depress a switch at the same time? Or maybe if they pull at the same time, treats shoot out both ends.

They could become buddies.

Though, maybe I’d regret it if they became hunting pals. I’ve watched stuff on lions and tigers and other big cats:

Two female cats. One a large calico short hair with a kinda smushed face(?) and the other a long-haired tabby (Morris cat). Working together, like lionnesses, they hunt through the house. Pouncing on anything that moves. Bullying the dog. Making everyone regret their life choices.

I’m considering bee keeping

I’m thinking about buying a beehive.

I want honey bees, but my brother is leaning more toward bumble bees. Either way, I’m hoping to help out my tomatoes and other vegetables.

Plus taking care of a hive of native bees helps with conservation*.

Because bees have really taken a pounding of late. There’s a real concern that we’ll be looking at the extinction of several species.

“We’ve had several end-of-hive events take place recently. And there’s quite a lot of reason to be concerned” – is the mildest way I can describe it.

Really, we’re looking at a potential environmental catastrophe.

1. Without the bees, there’s going to be a lot more biting insects. (There’s a niche for most everything. And if an opening is created, something is always willing to move in and fill it.)

2. With the depletion of a hive’s numbers, they are left vulnerable to predatory insects. (Hornets, yellow jackets, all kinds of things can get inside a weakened hive, kill the queen, and use the bees as a food for their young.)

3. Without bees to do the work, gardeners will have to seek other means of pollinating their crops. (Remember my zucchini plants that didn’t zucchini?)

4. Without bees there won’t be any honey. (And that would be a real tragedy, because who in their right mind doesn’t love the taste of honey? Sweetness that can be cultivated super easily.)

5. Without bees you won’t see a bumbling buzzing body bobbing and weaving from flower to flower, making the world bloom. (The sight of a fat bumble bee with its small wings busily flapping as it dances over a patch of clover is a nostalgic memory.)

Bees are an essential part of the world.

It would be a real tragedy if we wiped them out. The world would definitely be a lesser place without them.

* I might have to switch to buying a bunch of mason bees. I’m pretty sure they’re what’s local, as I saw them being sold at the Little Valley Nursery back in the spring.

[Andromeda] Remember that time a whole human world is transformed into Magog?

Remember that time a whole human world is transformed into Magog? The crew of the Andromeda Ascendant are racing around, trying to stop the infection/impregnation of the colony. And they fail.

Those people died, but were reborn as a litter of Magog.

Yet due to events that took place and Rev’s presence there to calm the change, the Magog that are born are self-aware. Like every other Magog, they have the memories of their human host. But unlike the others, they also have the compassion and empathy of their hosts.

I don’t know if it’s a change in the body chemistry of the hosts — calming hormones that smooth the change — or if he taught them after they were born, but Rev started a change in the way a whole group of Magog think.

He’s the Magog version of Jesus. They create a religion around him and continue to carry the message of humanity down through the generations. [Tok’ra]


The Magog birthed from the people of the World felt that they were the original person transformed. They had all of the memories; the feelings; the loves, lusts, and hates of the original person.

They had been transformed into hideous beasts with disgusting hungers, but they were still themselves down where it counted. In the soul.

Sally and O’Kelley had been in love from the first moment they met. She’d looked at him and thought: He’s kind of goofy, but he’s sweet. I think that I could love him. He’d looked at her and thought: This is the girl I’m going to marry. And both of their visions had come true.

They had a cozy cottage encircled by floral greenery and all of the sweetness of nature. They married and had a couple of kids, Dante and Thora. They had a great life together and they fell more and more in love with each other the longer they were together.

Their lives were the kind of perfect that modern people refuse to believe in. Nobody could trust that everything would stay so idyllic. There’s no surprise that things would fall apart.

The Magog Worldship passed through their solar system. Every planet was seeded with infestation pods. Inluding their world.

There are times when Sally can still remember the terror of being mauled by a hairy brown beast. All she’d seen was eyes and teeth A quicksilver flash of sharp white while angry yellow eyes glared into her.

And then there were the days of terror when her impregnation was confirmed. She had seven Magog growing in her guts, gnawing on her organs. It would take three days for them to fully mature and burst out of her body.

She wandered around in a daze along with the other infected. There was no stopping a Magog birth. And as their peoples’ religion forbade suicide or kin-murder, once most of their population was infected it was decided to let things happen as they would.

They watched the ships full of the Lucky Ones fly off into the stars. They sent along their last messages for loved ones on other planets, then they settled down to wait.

It was painful.

Sharp, tearing, agony. Transcendental lapse, synaptic resonance. Hormones flooding, rushing, and filling. Synapsis darkening and going black.

It was beautiful.

She was born with her eyes open and her mind filled with the memories of Sally. She loved O’Kelley and their two children, Dante and Thora. She’d spent each day falling more and more in love with O’Kelley and the life they had. She’d been reborn in a new body, with a new sense of vision and smell. She was lither, faster, stronger than she’d ever been allowed to be.

She was Sally Jenkins.

But O’Kelley… When he’d had a human body he’d gotten desperate and tried to rid himself of his infection. Some of the Magog had died.

When his rebirth happened, there were only two O’Kelleys, and one of them was sickly. He barely lived for half a day. There was only one O’Kelley left. Sally vowed that she would have him.
But she had six sisters that thought they were Sally Jenkins too. They all wanted to take O’Kelley — her husband — away from her and each other (she’d never been good at sharing).

She had no choice.

It was a fight to the death. And she won.

She was Sally. She lived in a cozy cottage with her husband O’Kelley and their two children, Dante and Thora. They had no other family left onworld.


The ways of their lives had changed, but not the hows and the whys. They loved each other and lusted after the people they’d once been.


I seem to have misplaced a whole day. It’s very disconcerting. There are times when I feel as if I’m stumbling through my days and it’s only a matter of time before I fall.

I forget to do things I should do, I become attached to what should be passing fancies, and I am incapable of being kind when it’s expected. I do not like being told what to do–though I don’t understand why it distresses me so.


I ordered an Instant Pot IP-DUO60 7-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker from Amazon. I need a new rice cooker and I’ve always wanted a pressure cooker/crockpot. This thing does everything. I’m super excited.

It slow cooks, pressure cooks, sautes, and it has a bunch of preset cooking functions. It even has a yogur function, how cool is that? I’m excited about making yogurt with the Kid, and I’ve even heard there’s a way to turn the yogurt into Greek yogurt in the fridge.

It cost $134.95, so I hope it works well. That might not be a super lot of money to some people, but to me it’s enough that I’m going to be very upset if the Instant Pot doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to. Though I’m not too worried about being disappointed–there’s so many reviews calling it a great slow cooker, that I tend to believe them.

What really interested me about the Instant Pot was the claim that it can be used for small-batch canning. I would love to save the extras from my garden, but there’s not enough for a big ordeal. Plus I have a glass cooktop, which is terrible for conventional pressure cooking.

I was dreaming of canning some of my soups. But there’s so many people pooh-poohing the idea of the Instant Pot being able to get the psi necessary to can low-acid foods.

I don’t want to breed a bunch of botulism. I just want to make my own jams and clear out some of the space in the freezer.

Still, watching someone make stew in the Instant Pot… It’s like magic.

You just chop everything up and throw it in the pot. Hit the button. And 30-minutes later you’ve got dinner and some lunches. This thing is 6-quarts–that’s 3 jars of homemade chicken chili (dinner for 1, or lunch for 2)–and you can buy extra cook bowls, so you can switch them out as needed. (Make a whole batch of yogurt. Stir in strawberry gelatin to add flavor. Use the yogurt for yogurt, granola/graham cracker, raspberries, blueberries, sliced strawberries, and whipped cream parfaits. Or if the bowl’s freezeable, make frozen yogurt.)

I can imagine making a spicy soup, switching out the bowl’s to make rice, then right before serving putting the soup bowl back on and heating it back up. FOR THE SOUP: I’d make a base of bonito, miso, soy sauce, sugar, garlic, vinegar, white onion and crushed red pepper, and I’d throw in different ingredients. Good things would be: tofu, brussel sprouts halved, sliced zucchini, chopped onion, potato chunks, udon noodles, green onion, sliced carrot, bean sprouts, chicken, beef, pork, potstickers, sliced rice cake, kimchi, bok choy, spinach, clams, mussels, fish, seaweed, sliced mushrooms, daikon radish.

I found this recipe for pressure cooker pho — Vietnamese Pho Pressure Cooker — from Steamy Kitchen. I can’t wait to try it. I love pho. Though I’m a little worried about where I’m supposed to get the spices. (Someone needs to value bundle the ingredients together for easy purchasing. I don’t want to spend a ton of money, but I have the potential to be a valuable customer.)

I also love oxtail soup, and the Instant Pot seems perfect for it. Delicious oxtail soup served over rice and topped with chopped green onion and served with kimchi. Mm, I can’t hardly wait.

Recipes I’m planning for my Instant Pot:
*whole chicken with potatoes, carrots, and miscellaneous vegetables
*beef stew
*Italian wedding soup
*navy bean soup
*clam chowder
*chicken chili
*red beans and rice
*roast beef with carrots, potatoes, and radish
*ham with sweet potato chunks and pineapple rings
*cornish game hen
*chicken noodle soup with bok choy
*gumbo (no okra!)
*fresh jam (I figure I can pressure cook/slow cook/simmer my way to some awesome fresh fruit jam. I’ll pack it in jars and make batches whenever we run out.)

My mouth can’t wait for the Instant Pot to come. I will be cooking the hell out of everything. It’s going to be great. And I’m sure it’s going to save the family a lot of grocery money.

When you can throw a bunch of ingredients into a big pot, put on the lid, and pressure cook your way into deliciousness… why wouldn’t you do it all the time?

My next kitchen appliance: a small blender.

I’ve been buying different sized regular-mouthed mason jars. They’re great to cook in and store things in, plus the blender blade should fit on the mouth of the jar. This allows personal blending directly in the jar. That’s super cool to me.

I’ve also been grabbing up mason jars for single servings of salad, pasta, all kinds of stuff. I’m probably going to buy more jars tomorrow.

Mason jar recipes:
*chicken chili and a glob of cornbread mix — microwave to heat chili and cook cornbread
*cubes of cookie dough, cubes of fruit — microwave or bake, then top with vanilla ice cream
*cake or muffin mix, cubes of fruit, dark chocolate chunks — microwave or bake
*layered salad — lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, carrot, black olives, mushrooms, croutons
*lasagna jar with sauce, noodles, cottage cheese, mozzarella cheese, and spinach — bake to cook
*parfait of yogurt, granola/graham cracker crumbs, fruit, whipped cream, syrup
*smoothie ingredients cubed (frozen yogurt cubes, frozen berries, frozen fruit or vegetable juice cubes, frozen milk cubes) and layered — blend in jar

I like the idea of being able to store ingredients in a jar and either freeze it, fridge it, or shelf it. I mean, it seems amazing to me that I can pull a jar off the shelf, add egg, vegetable oil, or milk and shake it up to blend, then I can bake a cake/giant muffin/big cookie/fudge brownie right in the jar. It ends up being me, a jar, and a spoon; it’s perfect.


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Patreon; Locks of Love; Regrowing green onions

I use my Patreon page => <= like it’s some weird scrapbook. Except I’m that crafter that posts random pictures with text that completely doesn’t match. Like those greeting cards with the picture of a sunset accompanied by beautifully scripted nonsense.

Take my “Nancy, Drew, and Charlie” thing for instance.

Nancy, Drew, and Charlie at

For some reason I thought that I would share my picture of where the bugs were munching at my plants. (Those bites are what I blame for my crop failure :P) That picture has nothing to do with the dialogue. But I chose to use it anyway.

So if you want to say you visit my Patreon page just to look at the pictures… I will completely understand.

* * *

I had the Kid cut my hair to donate to Locks of Love. It’s 11-inches of dark brown medium grain straight hair. Hopefully it will make someone a great wig.

For my head, the Kid did a good job. It’s a little lopsided, but I can fix it myself. It makes me feel lighter and more carefree to have shorter hair. It feels more like a giant life change than just a haircut.

I like shorter hair because it feels better, not just physically but spiritually. It’s like my hair gathers up all of the miseries of the year, and when I cut it off a weight is lifted from my shoulders.

I have a round face. I look best with my hair down past my chin, giving the illusion of a longer face, or pulled back to show off my neck and bone structure. Anything else and my face looks like a basketball. I tell people I have a Charlie Brown head because it’s true.

The longer my hair gets, the prettier I become. It’s some kind of weird curse. The best look for me is the one I hate the most. If I ever want to be “beautiful,” I’d have to carry my miseries around like a flowing cape of seal brown locks.

Ugh. I hate how long hair sheds. I’m not someone that takes care of my hair–I let it ride around in a ponytail and my hat is my friend. I grow my hair out just to chop it off.

I hope this feeling of renewal lasts a while.

* * *

I’ve been regrowing green onions. I buy them from the store, chop the green off to use, and stick the white ends with the dangly roots in my grow tray. The aquaponics really make them shoot up fast. I can get two uses out of one bunch of green onions.

Speaking of aquaponics: we’ve planted some lettuce, green onion, and white onion. The zucchini is pretty much a bust–our media is being kept way too moist. I don’t have any say in that though.

The Kid showed me a YouTube video where someone got roots to grow out of a brussels sprout. I’m going to try that and see what happens. I’ll try to get some regular pictures. It just seems so interesting to me–I didn’t know you could regrow brussels sprouts, and I’m really curious whether a new sprouts tree will grow. That would be super cool.

* * *

Mad Max 2014:

I feel that there might be fanfiction in my future. The Mad Max fandom will either stand up on its own, or it will be absorbed by the Nolan-Batman (Blake/Bane/Barsad) or Inception (Arthur/Eames) fandoms. I’m not worried. (And if I’m real lucky, the wonderful brain that spawned the Nolan-Batman/The Collector longfic will fusion me up some Nolan-Batman/The Collector/Mad Max action with Blake and Barsad escaped from the Collector into a Mad Max world.)

Be cool, leave a review.

People always want to complain that books cost too much money. I want to tell them to shut up. Because sure, books may be expensive and a luxury good, but they’re worth the price of the read.

And there’s so many ways to read books for free. It takes a few extra minutes, but joining things like Netgalley and visiting the library really work. And now most libraries let you check ebooks out from your house.

So to complain that prices are way too high when you get a full novel for $3.99 is ridiculous. Sure, you don’t “own” the book, you’re only licensing it, but as long as you have that reader or Calibre, you don’t have to worry about the book being taken away. Nobody is going to come into your house and take your ebook away (the jackboots of the officers stomping, and the hobnails of the common soldiers echoing against the stone. Ereaders torn out of the hands of sobbing children to be tossed onto a giant electromagnet, every single one of them reduced to factory settings. The knowledge of an entire people destroyed as garbage for no good reason).

The whole reason you’re licensing the book rather than owning it is to keep you from reselling an already rock-bottom priced item. The author of the piece would like to receive some compensation for all of their work. $0.20 royalty through some sheister companies is no fair. The author should get at least 30% on everything, some percentages being higher.

But old contracts or unfair practices leave a lot of writers destitute. Authors making millions of dollars for some publisher that contracted the rights years ago, and receiving a pittance of a share back. So to pass those books out for free and not even add a “Leave a review for the book” readme file is so rude.

*The author is not getting paid.
*You’re giving their book away for free.
*You read and enjoy the book, sharing copies of it with hundreds, maybe even thousands of people.
*You never leave a review of the book, neither does anyone else.

Those are the steps to a failure to follow through. At the very least someone needs to introduce the request that people share a review on Goodreads or LibraryThing. Give the author something at least, even if it’s just an acknowledgment that the book was read.

I don’t know.

* * *

Sometimes I get to thinking about stuff. Like, I am usually a completely oblivious person, but there are moments that abruptly change my world view.

People literally give me an “Are you a pod person and should I be worried?” look all the time. It’s part of my obscure charm.

There are several things I’ve really come to believe in:

HABO — Help a Brother Out. Seriously, dude, every once and a while you’ve gotta give some habo love to somebody. Otherwise you’re a bit of a turd sandwich. My biggest problem is that I’m oblivious; I don’t see other peoples’ stuff unless it’s mentioned to me. But once I see it, I gotta habo man. That’s my resolution in life.

If you help someone in need, when you are in need someone will help you in return.

Even if you don’t have a dollar, you should still give some free habo back to the world. Even if it’s just for the feel good glow that takes over your chest for a little while. It’s nice to hear someone say your name in a “Thanks for being awesome” way. Take that happy joy and smoke it, that’s good fruit loops.

Write an online review for someone’s hard work. Retweet someone’s stuff on Twitter. Volunteer at the library. Work at a food bank. There are a million free ways to help the world out there, and they’re all at various levels of commitment. If you’ve only got a few seconds, if you’ve got a whole afternoon or series of weekends, there are ways to plan out a full family activity roster.

I believe that kids learn charity at home. When you see your parents or members of your family working hard to do stuff for others, they grow up as people that give back to the world. Being kind needs to be learned, it’s not something that just happens for most people.

Aquaponic farming — This is a kind of urban farming I completely support. A community aquaponic garden is a smart move to me. Grow soy beans and you can make tofu and soy milk, as well as soy sauce, miso, and delicious soy frappuccinos. So many vegetarians and lactose allergic babies would be grateful to get an affordable source of food. Especially since WIC and a lot of other welfare services have been cut recently.

I’m a firm believer in the idea that people deserve to eat. I don’t care what kind of wastrel you are, unless you’re a cold-blooded murderer or some sex-offender, you should be allowed to come around and collect a bag of food from your community garden. It’s for everyone.

There should be community canning stations where people can can their own food. There should be fermentation tanks and mixers to make the strawberry tofu ice cream and the locally brewed soy sauce. There should be areas where the fish are scaled and filleted (no one wants to bring the stink of fish home with them. And fish, while delicious, can be a serious mess, which is why there are fish cleaning stations at good docks) and can be packaged to be frozen. Extra fish can be vacuum sealed and frozen to be sold in the Community Garden Store. Each community would become its own brand, generating money for the inhabitants and feeding the people that need it.

Maybe locals could receive a discount that out-of-towners don’t get. Bring some togetherness and solidarity back into the idea of a community. (These are the people you are going to need to depend on after the apocalypse. Don’t you already want them to think you are cool before the end of times? They need to be primed to help your ass out in case your bug out shelter idea falls through. They are your backup plan in case of emergency; you don’t want them to have the pre-conceived notion that you’re a giant pickle head and you deserve to die.) Earn a bit of love by giving a bit of love.

And the things I love are: spinach (blanched, mixed with sesame oil, garlic powder, green onions, boiled bean sprouts, julienned carrot, and salt. Served cold as a side for rice.), carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers (Korean angel hair noodles, julienned cucumber, green onion, julienned daikon radish, red pepper paste, sugar, sesame oil, garlic powder, all mixed together and served cold with a splash of vinegar), zucchini, sweet potatoes (wrapped in tinfoil and buried in the coals of the fire. Dig them out when the fire burns down, and the skins peel off to reveal sweet delicious insides that you don’t have to add anything to. The sweet potatoes become sweeter as they cook, until they’re perfect creamy goodness in your mouth.), asparagus, brussels sprouts, strawberries, and beans (black beans, pinto beans for chili, kidney beans for chili and soups, navy beans for bean soup, green beans, soy beans).

I found this place => <= that sells all the seeds to grow the ingredients for kimchi; all you need to add is salt. I’m so happy. I’m planning out my aquaponics set up and I’m going to grow me some kimchi. I promise to share pictures 🙂

Anyways, TL;DR, even if the book is stolen (*ESPECIALLY* if the book is stolen!), leave a review once you read it.

I feel terrible about how bad I am about reviewing. I will try to do better in the future. Habo *fist bump*

Digital Media of Choice (to the tune of “Weapon of Choice”)

I got a Vudu account because we have a Smart TV and the Vudu app came pre-installed. Still, it’s easy to log in and it’s easy to use on my computer.

Netflix on the TV isn’t as hard to use as Hulu, but it’s a little bit janked for us. Still, it’s a must-have around our house. I enjoy watching Netflix on the TV or my Kindle Fire. I’m always using my computer and I worry about it breaking down from being overloaded, but I log in through my computer to arrange my queue.

Flixster works on my Kindle Fire, which is awesome. All the movies I saved on Vudu are cross-shared to Flixster so I can watch them. (There’s no Vudu app.) So I can actually watch all those movies we’ve bought whenever I want, as long as there’s wifi.

Crackle is free movies and TV shows and they allow a free app, unlike Hulu.

For my most used free services: Hulu and Dramafever are most comfortably watched on the computer. Viki works well on the Kindle, though it freezes up for me occasionally.

I watch a lot of my saved stuff and DVDs with the VLC Media Player, which makes me wish that all those services worked with it. I like being able to easily resize and move the player and tell it to stay a particular size.

TL;Dr, watch free stuff on Hulu, Dramafever, Crackle, and Viki. Netflix is an easy pay-service, as is Amazon Prime. And for all those digital copy codes that come with DVDs and Blu-Ray, I prefer inputting them into Vudu — it works for all kinds, and they’ll self-propagate to the Flixster app for android devices and to UltraViolet.

* * *

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Silk Leaf seems amazing to me. Have you heard of this? I can’t even

“Julian Melchiorri on the first synthetic biological leaf” — This is completely and mind-blowingly amazing. I am surprised more people aren’t shouting this from the rooftop.

RCA graduate Julian Melchiorri says the synthetic biological leaf he developed, which absorbs water and carbon dioxide to produce oxygen just like a plant, could enable long-distance space travel.

We would finally be able to travel to Mars and further without having to pack so much oxygen. The weight limits would be bypassed, and more equipment could be carried. Along with the Tesla/(Elon Musk) Space X rocket, which can land and liftoff for multiple journeys, it would be an easy endeavor to have people travel back and forth from the “colonies.”

Melchiorri’s Silk Leaf project, which he developed as part of the Royal College of Art’s Innovation Design Engineering course in collaboration with Tufts University silk lab, consists of chloroplasts suspended in a matrix made out of silk protein.

These pieces of silk leaf fabric are able to photosynthesize oxygen. Just shine some light through the leaves, and there’s oxygen creation.


The article is getting a lot of negative response, but it’s really quite a remarkable idea.

At some point in the future, we could have oxygen producing drapes on our windows, wall hangings that literally breathe, and the assurance that whatever happens, we’ve got clean air in our home.

I believe there are going to be many technological marvels discovered in the coming years. The world will be terrible ecologically, but I hope that will only be in some areas. Places like China and Texas will have terrible air and bad stuff, but most of the rest of the world will be better off. Still, it would be worth the cost to purchase an air conditioner that also cleans and creates oxygen, or clothing that literally breathes.

A filter of silk leaf could be part of a person’s breathing mask. If its able to be kept alive, it could last for decades.

An outfit made of breathable material. Flip up the hood and keep from suffocating while in a place packed with people. The perfect party suit. (Translucent bubble suit of silk leaf. Bicycle shorts-wearing grinding body, twisting and bending, cami top clinging, dancing within the safety of her private world. Holland watched her for a moment, tracing the curves and bends, admiring the nubile young beauty; his admiration was abstract but honest.)

Apartment complexes would offer the luxury of a silk leaf shell that produces clean oxygen for the occupants. That would be something people would want available.

I don’t know. I am really enthusiastic about some of the newest technologies coming out.