Help me. I’m losing my f’ing mind // “Heroes & Villains”

Okay, so I'm editing "Heroes & Villains" again. And I'm terrible at editing. Come on, be honest. You know I don't beta read anything. That's part of my fucking madness. (Avoidance, social isolation, mental flagellation, and general miserableness. I know I'm a downer and a ghost.) So anyways, I use like, really just a lot and I know I went a bit overboard with them when writing "Heroes & Villains," and I'm sorry, but I just can't handle it right now. So I'mma put "Heroes & Read more [...]

Heroes & Villains: “Dinner For Two” by Harper Kingsley

"Heroes & Villains: Dinner For Two" by Harper Kingsley is an mm superhero romance short story. Vereint and Warrick make and enjoy a steak dinner and share a romantic evening. Read more [...]

Excerpt: “Overwatch”-segment; Drawing; Whatever

Title: Overwatch
Author: Harper Kingsley
Universe: Kanon-verse (alternate universe version of Heroes & Villains)


Here I am, he thought. One day older. One day closer.

He squeezed his eyes closed. Drew a deep breath in through his nose. Then he pressed the button that raised the top portion of the hospital bed to an upright position. He clenched his teeth against the pain, feeling the lines around his nose and eyes pull tight.

If he lived, he would carry reminders of this experience Read more [...]

Prompts; HVU; What’s to come

PROMPTS: I know that other than my daily prompts I've been pretty quiet, but that's about to change. Probably on Monday. For some reason, though I schedule the prompts in advance, there's been a handful of times when the prompts haven't posted 🙁 I've had to login and manually hit Publish, which either means there's a weird glitch or I'm doing something wrong. (I'm probably doing something wrong.) Anyways, if you're looking forward to my prompts each day, they are all scheduled to post at 7 a.m. Read more [...]

“Allies & Enemies,” by Harper Kingsley is live! [superhero, mm, novel]

Title: Allies & Enemies Author: Harper Kingsley Series: Heroes & Villains (Book Two) Cover art: Aisha Akeju Publisher: Less Than Three Press Genre: mm, superhero, urban fantasy, sci-fi Word count: 129,000 Summary: In the wake of the death of the Fabulous Kims, Vereint cannot forget Melissa, the little girl they left behind, a girl that now has no family. Certain he and Warrick can be the family she needs, he pushes to adopt her. That she proves to have superpowers only confirms he's right. Read more [...]

Cold Spaghetti and NaNoWriMo: The Perfect Combination

Ugh, it's the middle of the night and I got up and ate a big bowl of cold spaghetti. Now my stomach is feeling all roly-poly "I think I'm going to be sick"-oly. I'm starting to feel tired again and I'll go back to bed in a moment, but until then I've been planning out my NaNoWriMo. I know, right? It's practically the middle of the month and I'm just starting my story. But it's actually the third story that I've started for NaNo, but it's the only one I don't think I'm going to discard. Those other Read more [...]

LT3 at the Rainbow Awards

Are you all as excited as I am about the 2013 Rainbow Awards? Probably not, but yes, I am incredibly excited.

My book Heroes & Villains is a finalist in the Rainbow Awards under the category of Gay Sci-Fi Futuristic.

I'm really happy just to be a finalist and I can't wait to find out the results on December 8th.

Less Than Three Press books in the finals:
A Shadow of a Dream, by Isabella Carter
Dragon Slayer, by Isabella Carter
Black Magic, by Megan Derr
Private Dicks: Undercovers, Read more [...]

Heroes & Villains, ParaShift, birthday wish

I have largely been without Internet for most of this month. I'm back now, but it will be sporadic at best and I apologize. I hope that I will be able to make posts through my kindle and email, but it's been giving me a hard time lately and some posts haven't gone through.

Anyways, I have several things to share, so brace yourself:

Heroes & Villains was reviewed by Joyfully Jay and got 4-stars and a really nice write up. I was scared to look at first -- I'm such a wuss -- but it was a really Read more [...]