The Blue Fairy: 04

Melissa Kim is stalking the multiverse, hunting after Prince. In segment “04” she’s found herself on a rather unpleasant world ruled by a very unpleasant people.

I think that each world experience should make her stronger. I need her to be strong for what I’ve got planned for her. Without the build up I don’t think it will be believable.

Expect “The Blue Fairy” to have a mix of stories ranging from gen to “Oh no, she gonna die!” So expect thrills, chills, mostly closed bed curtains, some foul language, maybe graphic depictions of life and violence, and Melissa Kim just generally stomping across the multiverse, releasing butterflies and bees in her wake.

I’ve got so much stuff for “All That Remains,” but I’ve got to get everyone in the same universe to make it happen. Plus I need Melissa Kim to continue “From Diamond to Coal”.

Seriously, Melissa Kim is one of the most important characters in my universe. She pushes and nudges here and there, and the Vereint Variants out there find their lives changed in inexplicable ways.

She’s my deus ex machina.

Allies & Enemies, by Harper Kingsley. Chapter 5 [superhero, mm]

Title: Allies & Enemies
Author: Harper Kingsley
World: Heroes & Villains
Genre: mm superhero
Summary: Warrick comes home after a bad experience. They have to deal with the aftermath and revelations.


 Brushing Mr. Cuddy turned out to be one of those things he really enjoyed. He wouldn’t have imagined it could be so soothing, but there was just something about it. Running the soft bristles through his silky white fur and hearing the whispery “shush-shush” sound and his reverberating purr of satisfaction.

Mr. Cuddy opened one slit-pupiled green eye to give Vereint a rolling look. His front paws kneaded at the couch cushion and Vereint could feel him pushing back against the brush demandingly.

“Are you still playing with that cat?” Melissa asked disbelievingly. She was standing in the living room archway with an energy drink in her hands. “You’re going to get too attached and Miss Cuddy’s gonna be pissed you’ve stolen her husband.”

Vereint wagged the brush at her. “I’m not trying to steal her cat. She left me a whole list of things she expects me to do for him. Brushing him every night was on it.”

“And how exactly did she talk you into cat sitting?” Melissa stepped into the living room and leaned her elbow against a chair back.

“She didn’t want to put him in one of those animal hostels and was completely upset,” Vereint said. She’d been pitiful and he’d been desperate to get her away from his door. “How could I tell her no when she was so desperate? Besides, Mr. Cuddy is a great cat.” Continue reading Allies & Enemies, by Harper Kingsley. Chapter 5 [superhero, mm]