RTB – Cafe Dela Lune

The Cafe Dela Lune is a nice restaurant/bar owned by Jules Delaney and his partner Dominick Lunetti.

Title: Boy Loves Bears
Author: Sol Crafter
Genre: mm short, PWP
Rating: adult
Word count: 5520 (22 manuscript pages)

Summary: Leon has worked at Cafe Dela Lune since he got out of high school. He’s used to being hit on, but he hasn’t taken any guy up on their offer. Not because he’s a prude or anything, but because he has a favorite type.

He loves bears.

Big, hairy men make him hot and bothered, but there’s a definite shortage in town. He figures he’s doomed to be alone.

Until Rick walks in the door. A perfectly gorgeous bear of a man. Let the fun begin.



Working at the Cafe Dela Lune had to be one of the best jobs in the world. Not only were the owners–Jules Delaney and Dominick Lunetti–the best bosses he’d ever had, but his coworkers were friendly and the customers were some of the best.

At nineteen years old he wasn’t allowed to serve alcohol, but no one seemed to mind when he had to call Balls Murphy over to handle those customers. Why the guy let himself be called “Balls” was a mystery, but no one would give him a straight answer. Chef Andre would just laugh and give him a flirty wink.

Leon had started at the cafe right out of high school and he couldn’t be happier. Great bosses, great coworkers, great customers, and practically everyone that came into the place was either gay or gay-friendly. He felt as though he’d been freed from prison or something.

He got hit on a lot, which was just one of those things. He was a good-looking guy, with dark hair and eyes and smooth, boyish skin. So it was to be expected that there would be those that would see him as a challenge, especially since he hadn’t taken anyone up on their offers.

It wasn’t that he was a prude or a tease. He wasn’t trying to be a jerk or a tight-ass or anything. It was just that he had a certain type he was looking for. The kind of guy that would make him instantly hard.

He liked bears.


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Title: Sweet Desire
Author: Sol Crafter
Genre: mm, ftm
Rating: adult
Word count: 10,690 (42 manuscript pages)

Summary: Chef Andre Barnes has had his eye on Calvin Roe since the dessert chef started working at Cafe Dela Lune. He’s flirted with him, but whenever he seems to be making any headway with him… Calvin shuts him down. Until one day, Calvin takes the reins. There’s just one secret Calvin is hiding. The biggest secret of his life. The one that keeps him from letting anything really happen with Andre…



From the first moment he’d seen Chef Andre Barnes, Calvin had been struck by the man’s amazing good looks. His heart had fluttered in his chest and his breath had come a little fast. More than anything he just wanted to lean forward and lick the man’s cheek, to feel the rasp of beard stubble against his tongue and see what that bronzed skin tasted like.

Politeness demanded that he not do that.

Andre was always flirting with him. Every time he turned around there Andre would be with that charming smile on his lips, his eyes flirty and dark. It had gotten to the point that every single time he saw the man, Calvin would feel nervous and maybe a little afraid.

Not because the man was flirting with him, but because of his own feeling. He was drawn to Andre. He wanted to touch him, caress him, make love to him. But his own secrets were overpowering things and he was afraid of what Andre would think or do if he found out the truth about him.

So he kept quiet and he answered Andre’s flirting with a rather clueless smile that he’d actually practiced in front of a mirror to make it look realistic.


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