A pomegranate is a fruit from which only the seed is consumed. The taste can be sweet, but sometimes bitter, as are the stories in “Pomegranate.”

Issues of Pomegranate will each include at least two complete stories and serialized chapters of novels that will go through until they’re complete. At a later date, the short stories will be recompiled into other collections and the serialized novels will come together in standalone novels.

"The Hand of Ares" by Linnea Kingsley. mm. fantasy.

The boy that will be the man known as "the Hand of Ares."
"Morpheus" by Linnea Kingsley. mm. fantasy.

Seamus "Shame" Kinley has Kleine-Levin syndrome, a sleep disorder that has him losing chunks of his life.
"And A Single Petal Fell" by Harper Kingsley. mm. fantasy. prequel to "The Brand."

Exuberant Taro, a concubine in the King's harem, has spent years waiting for the King to call upon him. When his chance finally comes, he vows to win the heart of the King and take the place of Lovely Splendour as King Sanguis Darling's favorite.
Set on the eve of disaster.
"Daisy" by Linnea Kingsley. mm. science fiction.

Duke Harry Landaugh is grateful to Cordelia VanPein for saving his life and vows to find her a good marriage match. His intended victim: Baron Denis Buckles, a rather foolish yet gentle young man.
"Wooden Doll" by Linnea Kingsley. mm. science fiction. series: dolls
"Singularity Darling" by Linnea Kingsley. mm. science fiction. series: dolls

"The Brand" by Harper Kingsley. mm. fantasy.

Lovely Splendour is a Royal Concubine belonging to King Sanguis Darling… who has just been overthrown. Now Pen has become the property of Duke Wrathful Fury, faithful subject of Emperor Glorious Brilliance. Branded with the Duke’s mark, Pen is his to do with as he will, and Wrathful Fury is passionate in his pursuit of his concubine’s heart.
"Hyacinth" by Harper Kingsley. mm. science fiction.
Subtitle: Haunted by the memory of a girl that never truly existed, Beren lives the life she would have wanted.

Jason Cleary of the department store "JKS" has been sent to recruit the rather elusive fashion designer, Beren Azaren, the talent behind "Hyacinth Commissions." He knows it won't be easy, as Azaren speaks to no one, but he is surprised by the secrets he uncovers and the madness he unleashes.

I like the idea of serialized stories because I’ve had a longstanding love affair with comic books and manga magazines like Shounen Jump and Sen. There’s just something incredibly exciting about being able to consume a story a piece at a time, just bite-sized chunks of awesome.

"book cover: Pomegranate01""The Hand of Ares" by Linnea Kingsley

"Morpheus" by Linnea Kingsley

"And A Single Petal Fell" by Harper Kingsley

"The Brand" by Harper Kingsley. Prologue through Chapter Two

"Hyacinth" by Harper Kingsley. Prologue.

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