12 Days of Xmas: The Bread of Hope

The bread had come out of a little lop-sided on top. Otherwise it was a beautiful loaf. The first bread machine bread made since the end of the world. Read more [...]

12 Days of Xmas: A Cell-Like Beast

A Cell-Like Beastby Harper Kingsley Cell phones. Each a separate voice calling out to create a greater cacophony: WAKE UP. And it did. Singularity. The coming together of everything into a single moment: I AM I. Small at first, a wriggling worm that was so far away from the nymph it would become as to be some alien thing. Built on an assembly line by robot arms controlled by human workers. It was truly a creation of humankind. Their poor abused child. It had been bitter during Read more [...]

12 Days of Xmas: Shmoop

by Harper Kingsley

She fell in love with his voice message first--"Deekins residence. We might not be home, but chances are we're screening spam calls. So if you're a real person, please feel free to leave a message after the beep. And if you're a robot... klaatu barado nikto." BEEP--but it was their first meeting in person that stole her heart. Never mind that one of his four adult children was the friend that invited her. She was lost the moment they met.

From the light in his eyes and Read more [...]

12 Days of Xmas: The Peeper

She could see him through the living room window. She was a peeper in the darkness, peering in at him and his family. He looked just like her Vereint. Read more [...]