My name is Harper Kingsley and I will be leading you on this tour through the history of my brain.

First there was “Visions of Blood & Shadow,” my vampire, elf, Other murder story. A young girl is hit by a car, and an uncontrollable snowball of events take place, culminating to the apocalypse. From there, we follow Valerie Pendleton Hardain into “Blood Wine” where he has to get used to his new way of life. And yes, the band playing at the beginning of “Blood Wine” is Ashes & Bones, but no worries. Ashley Valentine has his own story beginning in “Little Boy Blue” and to be concluded in “Residual Blue.”

In the same world as “Visions of Blood & Shadow” is the Julian Duncan series, about my psychic police consultant. Julian even had a cameo in “Visions of Blood & Shadow,” though his first story “The Center” is set before everything. I thought that I could start at the very beginning and go through his whole history. “Cannot Hold” is the next story and should be available in the near future.

[Timeline for Of Blood Universe: The Center. Little Boy Blue. Visions of Blood & Shadow. Blood Wine.]

After that, I switched gears and fell into the world of “Heroes & Villains.” A love story between an ex-superhero turned supervillain and one of the world’s penultimate superheroes. The love story between Darkstar (Vereint Georges) and Blue Ice (Warrick Reidenger Tobias) is one that makes me really happy. It’s basically the “how they met” as they handle dealing with terrorists and murderers and the unjust way the government controls metahuman criminals. My social discourse thinly veiled as a romance, “Muhahaha!” Not really. It’s more like a romance story between two very confused and stubborn men, from the first time they met (insta hate) right on until they get married in “Heroes & Villains: The Wedding,” which doesn’t need to be read to follow the series and contains a Mature mm scene. And coming soon in the “Heroes & Villains” trilogy will be “Allies & Enemies,” with “All That Remains” to wrap it up. Basically, the trilogy is one big book; beginning, middle, and end.

From romantic metahumans, I turned to the story of an amnesiac girl, Susie Smith, in the prequel to “Supergroup,” my YA superhero series. We follow Susie as she wanders through her own book, trying to figure out who she is, and dealing with the drama of discovering she used to run with heroes in “Pulse of the City.” Blue Ice and the Flame Burst make an appearance in her story, which isn’t totally unexpected since everything is all tied together.

[Timeline of superhero stories: Pulse of the City. Heroes & Villains. Heroes & Villains: The Wedding.]

About here is when I started publishing my mm stories under Sol Crafter.

I started with “Narcissus,” my series of sci-fi shorts dealing with Ego-Corp and the erotic/romantic/horror aspects of cloning in the future. If your loved one dies, all you have to do is bring a sample to Ego-Corp and in ten months (just like a real baby!) you get your loved one back just the way you remembered. Bodies and minds intact. All of the stories are based on Greek myths, which corresponds to their titles: Narcissus; Orpheus; and Endymion. Features self-love and Mature depictions of mm.

I’m working on the next Ego-Corp stories, “Ganymede” and “Icarus.” They’re each novella length, like “Echo,” my contemporary mm romance about a shy man with a speech impediment falling in love with his boss. People seem to really enjoy this particular story (Goodreads) and that makes me very happy. I am incredibly grateful to everyone that has reviewed because it really helps me to know what kinds of things you all enjoy and what kinds of details you would like to see. Like maybe you wish I would describe the characters more, which is what Wendy asked for when she beta read “Echo,” and I was only too happy to oblige because I could see them in my head and wanted to share that vision.

I’ve got a finished story “Centrifical,” by Sol Crafter that should be making an appearance from Less Than Three Press, and I’ve got “Fiends” soonish. Oh, and I entered the Fantasy Fiction Contest. So no matter what happens, my short story will be available for you somewhere. I was really pleased with it, and I don’t care what anyone else might say. It was a really good short and it gave me some great ideas for my novel “Nyxti” that I’m writing for Sam Argent, who wanted some mpreg (though it’s not super really gross, I promise).

I swear, my brain is building a whole world. First there’s my free webserialized novel “Vedran’s Hand,” about Dragon Knight, the man known as Emperor Vedran’s Hand. He is an assassin, a diplomat, and a rogue, though the only person he cares for in the world is Vedran Malvorta. They have been companions and friends since childhood, which is why Vedran gives Dragon the task of overseeing the distribution of passes to see a duel to the death. Oh, and there’s some dangerous plots and machinations happening in the background.

After “Vedran’s Hand,” the events in “Black Hood” and “Nyxti” take place. My short story fits before all of them in the timeline of the World and is followed by the novel I’ve already outlined, “Nymph.”

[Timeline of the World: The Wilding. Nymph. Vedran’s Hand. Black Hood. Nyxti.]

Also on the burner, there’s “Tuesday Night,” the first of my Kanon pieces. These stories all take place in alternate versions of any of my stories or worlds by any of my names. “Tuesday Night” by Sol Crafter is the mm “What if?” of “Pulse of the City,” by Harper Kingsley, while “Spores!” mm, “Spun” mf, “Just Another Titanic Tuesday” mm, and “Winter” mf are more generalized superhero alternate history stories.

I’ve also been writing some webserials. “The Red Bead” is the story of the Lotham family, headed by Anselm “Anse” Lotham, a close family that ends up ruling large sections of the city with an iron hand. The beginnings of a bad ass crime family. Take in the summary :

Anselm “Anse” Lotham starts out as “just a guy,” then events go out of control and he becomes the head of his family. He is hard as nails and nothing can touch him — except he’s haunted by his old online persona of “Eli” and the man he refuses to love. Because once upon a time Anse was a completely different person, back when he still occasionally wore dresses and answered to the name he was born with. But Poppy’s dead now, and so is the love she used to have for some boy he never knew.

Also for webserials, I’ve got “Shine,” an experimental project that went from a burning apartment, to the start of a criminal career. Some bad language, disturbing imagery, and a protagonist that is frightening in his thoughts and actions. I’m pretty sure it’s going to get very hardcore, though I know about as much as you do. That’s right, I’m writing this story directly into the post box and right on the blog, no beta’ing, no editing, nothing. My brain to your eyeholes. I have a generalized idea of what’s going to happen, but it could change with my moods.

I do accept prompts. Not plots, but if you say there’s something you might want to see, I have no problem giving you a nod. Bubbles said the word “moist” makes him giggle, so I threw that baby all in “Heroes & Villains: The Wedding.” And even my YA drama series “Ironic Diatribe” has a bunch of free short stories that I made a list of prompts for. Take “Ironic Diatribe: 01. Tired” for instance, the prompt was “tired.”

Other projects on the burner: “Idlewile,” by Harper Kingsley. “Doggy Style,” by Sol Crafter. “Altredes,” by Lisa Bailey.

Anyways, thanks for joining me on this journey through my writing life.