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facebook: HarperKingsley
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public email: SolCrafter @ gmail (dot) com

Micro-biography: Born in Washington State, I’ve lived in Nevada and Oklahoma, and am currently living in Washington again. I live with my Labrador retriever/husky, Kahluah.

Interests: I’ve always loved sci-fi and fantasy for books and movies, but I also have an interest in thrillers and character pieces. I guess I’ve always just kind of been drawn to people. I also like comedies, which kind of shows up in some of the quirky things I toss into my stories with no warning whatsoever. Sorry.

Things I write: I have an incredibly varied taste in books I read, which I guess has translated into a mixed taste in writing. To that effect, I have found a fondness for Fernando Pessoa and his heteronyms. And so I am known by many names to cover the many genres that I love — genhet, slash, YA, NA, adult, romance, contemporary, literature, poetry. I can usually find something I’m willing to fall in love with and dabble in.

Job opportunities: Yes, I am open to work if you’re open to paying me. Blog posts, novels, novellas, short stories, poetry, get in contact and we’ll discuss projects and payment. Serious offers only.

Partnerships: There’s many stories living in my head, some of which I don’t think I will ever have the skill or wherewithal to write just because they’re outside of my range. As such, I am open to the idea of co-writing. My strengths lie in dialogue, brainstorming ideas, and coming up with an overall outline.

Republication;  Stories: Yes, my writings are open for republication. If you’re a legitimate publisher interested in one of my stories and you’re interested in publishing any of my self-published works, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss terms.

Republication; Blog posts: If you’re interested in republishing one of my blog posts, I use iCopyright for ease of syndication. If you’d like a more personal agreement or retroactive exclusivity please contact me. We can discuss terms, extra content, etc.