biophage – definition:

1. An organism that derives the nourishment for its existence from another living organism.

There is no me without you. And so I am incredibly grateful for every reader out there and I hope that everyone finds at least one story they enjoy. Thank you!

I was born in Washington, I live in Washington, and at some point I plan on exploring the wide and wonderful world. That or I’m going to get myself a bunch of cats and settle in for the long haul.

I write a mix of many different genres. I just really like to stir them all up together and my brain is so entirely fantastical that all kinds of things just come bubbling up to the surface and take over my life until they get written. Some m/m, some f/m, some gen het, I’m pretty much into every kind of relationship out there.

My writings are mostly plot and character driven. I enjoy the thought of true love, though sometimes that doesn’t work out too well for my characters.

My influences: TV, movies, sci-fi books, fantasy books, real life events. Pretty much everything I’ve ever seen or experienced in my life crops up somewhere in my writing. I like to think that my style is constantly growing and evolving, though where everything is going to end up is a real mystery. I am simply enjoying the journey.




Science fiction and fantasy. Plot and character driven pieces. May contain language, violence, sexual tension without sex for the most part.

EXAMPLES: Heroes & Villains series [superhero].  Of Blood series [urban fantasy].  Blue Dreams series [urban fantasy].  Vedran’s Hand.  Pulse of the City [superhero].


Largely teen+ m/m science fiction and fantasy romance that are based on myths, legends, and fairy tales.

EXAMPLES: Metamorphosis series [mythology, sci-fi] |


M/M romance in various genres – mostly contemporary – and adult in nature. Largely HEAs (Happily Ever Afters) and HFNs (Happy For Nows) and usually between 15,000-60,000 words.

EXAMPLES: Cafe Dela Lune series [MM contemporary].  The Brownstone Diaries series [MM contemporary].  Narcissus series [MM sci-fi].


Science fiction, fantasy, and contemporary. Mostly young adult. F/M for relationship stuff.

EXAMPLES: Altredes.

book cover: Heroes & Villains

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Title: Heroes & Villains
Author: Harper Kingsley
Genre: superhero, science fiction, m/m
Publisher: Less Than Three Press
Rating: mature
Word count: 135, 000 (540 manuscript pages)

Summary: Vereint Georges has dreamed of being a superhero from the minute his metabilities first manifested–flight, strength, invulnerability, superspeed, and what he calls “starburst.” So of course, when the opportunity presented itself, he donned his hand-sewn costume and went out into the world as the superhero Starburst.

Unfortunately, all he received for his efforts was mockery and disdain. His biggest detractor? His once idol, Blue Ice.
His dreams dashed and his normal life in shambles, he had no issues with shedding his superhero skin and becoming the terrifying supervillain, Darkstar.
book cover: The Wedding

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Title: Heroes & Villains: The Wedding
Author: Harper Kingsley
Genre: superhero, science fiction, m/m
Rating: adult
Word count: 22,900 (91 manuscript pages)

Summary: It's the wedding of the century. So of course the entire League of Superheroes just has to attend, which means they have to leave the city and the world in the care of the rather unprepared hands of the Junior League, at least for a little while.

Green Ghost thought everything was going to be easy and he was going to receive all kinds of praise from Captain Victorious. Then things went terribly, terribly awry when there was a containment leak in Science Lab 1 and something got loose. Which is pretty much when the bodies start piling up and an alien entity threatens the safety of the world.
Allies & Enemies

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Title: Allies & Enemies
Series: Heroes & Villains
Genre: mm superhero sci-fi
Rating: mature
Word count: 130,000 (520 ms pages)

Summary: Picking up a few days after the "Heroes & Villains" epilogue, Vereint and Warrick have decided that their couple should become a family and bring Melissa Kim into their home.

In the wake of the death of the Fabulous Kims, Vereint cannot forget Melissa, the little girl they left behind, a girl that now has no family. Certain he and Warrick can be the family she needs, he pushes to adopt her. That she proves to have superpowers only confirms he's right. Melissa is their darling daughter by day, and by night she trains to become Blue Devil, sidekick to Blue Ice.

Then the unthinkable happens, destroying the happiness Vereint and Warrick worked so hard to build -- a tragedy so great that the long-vanished Darkstar returns with murderous intent...
book cover: Psychotic

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Title: Psychotic
Series: Heroes & Villains
Genre: mm superhero
Rating: mature
Word count: 8750 (35 ms pages

Summary: Warrick leaves the cabin while Vereint is away and finds himself in some trouble. Side shot to Allies & Enemies, takes place during part three.

"He'd given up that life. He wasn't that guy anymore. He'd made promises and commitments. But that was all in the past tense. He was in the moment, in the now, and there was the thunder red of rage-rage-rage burning across Vereint's brain."

"Psychotic" is 8750 words. At the end are excerpts from upcoming stories:
-The first two chapters of Allies & Enemies. 13,050 words.
-The opening of Franz Caulder: Slipping Through the Cracks "Normal Again." 704 words.
-The first two chapters of The Panic Pure. 11,375 words.
Pulse of the City

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Title: Pulse of the City
Series: Supergroup
Author: Harper Kingsley
Genre: superhero, adventure
Rating: YA
Word count: 51,800 (207 manuscript pages)

Summary: Susie Smith has no idea where she came from or who she used to be. Even her name is one she was given at the hospital where she woke up after a serious brain injury.

The only thing she knows about herself is that she was caught in a super battle and was just one more of the collateral victims of Malice’s attack on the Megalopolous parade. One among hundreds of wounded people, no one stepped forward to claim her and she was eventually shuffled off into foster care.

Then, hanging out with her friends, the mall is attacked and she runs into the Teen Demis for the first time. And they seem to know her...
book cover: Visions of Blood & Shadow

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Title: Visions of Blood & Shadow
Author: Harper Kingsley
Genre: urban fantasy, m/m & m/f content
Rating: adult
Word count: 131,700 (526 manuscript pages)

Summary: A little girl is dead and her grieving father seeks retribution, unaware as yet that it was a premeditated murder. His decision to find the man responsible pulls dozens of people out of their everyday lives and begins a series of strange events that culminate into a confrontation that will decide the fate of the world.

Visions and portents abound in “Visions of Blood & Shadow” where a group of people are drawn together by a series of seemingly random circumstances that are anything but. Beginning with the death of a child and a father’s drive to find vengeance at any cost, events culminate into a life or death meeting to prevent a madman from causing the end of the world.
Blood Wine

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Title: Blood Wine
Author: Harper Kingsley
Genre: urban fantasy, paranormal, m/m
Rating: adult
Word count: 117,070 (468 manuscript pages)

Summary: After the terrifying events of "Visions of Blood & Shadow," Valerie is attempting to come to grips with his transformation from man to vampire. He is frightened at the idea of living forever, but at least he doesn't have to be alone--he has Justyn and Daeniel to guide him. But not even they are prepared for the apocalyptic arrival of hostile aliens bent on wiping out the human race.
book cover: Pomegranate 01

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Title: Pomegranate 01
Author: mixed
Genre: mm romance
Rating: Adult
Word count: 27,300 (109 manuscript pages)

A pomegranate is a fruit from which only the seed is consumed. The taste can be sweet, but sometimes bitter, as are the stories in "Pomegranate 01."

"The Hand of Ares," by Linnea Kingsley. A complete story. Prequel to "Ares Unbound."
The origin of the man known only as "the Hand of Ares."

"Morpheus," by Linnea Kingsley. A complete story.
Seamus "Shame" Kinley has a debilitating sleep disorder that has him losing days, weeks, and even months of his life at a time. All he wants to do is stay awake...

"And A Single Petal Fell," by Harper Kingsley. A complete story.
Prequel to “The Brand,” detailing the fall of King Sanguis Darling and the birth of an unending need for vengeance.
Taro has always loved his King, from the first moment he was chosen for life in the royal harem.

"The Brand," by Harper Kingsley. A serialized novel.
Lovely Splendour is a Royal Concubine belonging to King Sanguis Darling… who has just been overthrown. Now Pen has become the property of Duke Wrathful Fury, faithful subject of Emperor Glorious Brilliance. Branded with the Duke’s mark, Pen is his to do with as he will, and Wrathful Fury is passionate in his pursuit of his concubine’s heart.

"Hyacinth," by Harper Kingsley. A serialized novel.
Haunted by the memory of a girl that never truly existed, Beren lives the life she would have wanted.
book cover: The Center

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Title: The Center
Series: Julian Duncan
Author: Harper Kingsley
Genre: science fiction, horror
Rating: Teen+
Word count: 16,990 (67 manuscript pages)

Summary: Orphaned violently at 12 years old, Julian has lived at the Center as favored test subject and future breeding stock. He has tried to escape several times, but has always been brought back to the scientists that torment him. There is nowhere else that he can go and no other life that he can live...

Then he receives a horrific vision of his future and he has no choice but to try once again for his dream of freedom.
book cover: Little Boy Blue

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Title: Little Boy Blue
Author: Harper Kingsley
World: Of Blood universe
Series: Blue Dreams Duology (Book 1)
Genre: urban fantasy, adventure, pre-m/m
Rating: mature
Word count: 116,700 (467 ms pages)

Summary: A therapon in the Pit, Ashlevarnis has served as the Master of Gold Erusidamus' concubine and was happy in his life. His friend Franciscus however is dissatisfied with his life as a serf and begs Ashlevarnis to join him on a great adventure to the human world. Where for the first time in his life Ashlevarnis has free will.

Renamed Ashley Valentine, Ashlevarnis does what any demon in the human world would do... He joins a band and attains great fame.

He is becoming comfortable in his human life when Erusidamus comes to collect His errant lover. And trouble follows after.

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Title: Across Two Divides: Arc One
Author: Sol Crafter
Genre: mm drama soap opera
Word count: 45,000 (180 ms pages)
Rating: mature

Summary: Nicholas and Christian have been friends since boarding school and have a relationship that some see as too close. Never mind that Christian is straight and has a beautiful wife that he loves. The three are expecting their first child--the heir to both the DeLongeria fortune and The Trinity of Tears.

Nicholas Underwood has always looked up to his brother Francis, or rather, Frankie “The Crooner” Beauregard as he is known to the world around. So when his brother sets him up with David Jacobson, Nicholas was willing to give the guy a chance, right up until things got too weird and he bailed on the situation. Theirs was a love that was never meant to be… the first time around.

But everyone deserves a second chance. Even Nicholas.
"bookcover: From Diamond to Coal: Arc One"

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Title: From Diamond to Coal: Arc One
Author: Sol Crafter
Genre: mm science fiction
Word count: 44,900 (180 ms pages)
Rating: teen+
Content advisory: Chapters One and Two are set far in the future, giving you a view of what life will turn out like. Then it's back before everything began and moving forward.

Summary: William and Alan are drawn together the instant they meet. It doesn't seem that crazy to get married even though they haven't known each other for very long. But it's after the wedding that they really get to know each other as they face the trials presented to a Super Genius and his spouse.

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Title: Echo
Series: The Brownstone Diaries
Author: Sol Crafter
genre: m/m contemporary romance
Rating: adult
Word count: 36,800 (147 manuscript pages)

Summary: Painfully shy, Cole Heath has always had a hard time connecting to people outside of his family. So when he meets Anderson Bester for the first time, he doesn't really think anything of it. He certainly doesn't imagine that he'll end up falling in love.

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Title: Narcissus
Author: Sol Crafter
Genre: mm science fiction
Word count: 5360 (21 manuscript pages)
Rating: adult

Summary: In some distant future, people no longer need to feel the loss of someone they love, because Ego Corp is there to bring them back to you.

NARCISSUS--a man deeply in love... with himself.
ORPHEUS--after the loss of his wife, a young man finds a new lover and the hope for a new beginning.
ENDYMION--a man grieving for a husband that isn't even dead yet. Just lost in slumber...

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Title: Tired
Author: Sol Crafter
Series: Ironic Diatribe — Four childhood friends and their families as they battle the horrors of teenager-hood and life.
Genre: mm YA drama
Word count: 1330 words (5 manuscript pages)
Rating: teen

Summary: All the reasons not to say a single word.

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Title: Ersatz
Author: Sol Crafter
Genre: mm contemporary romance
Word count: 18630 words (74 manuscript pages)
Rating: adult

Summary: Two men are asked a rather uncomfortable question, one that completely changes their relationship forever: “What’s it like to be in an ersatz homosexual relationship?” That was easy. They’re not in an ersatz homosexual relationship. They’re both completely straight and there’s no way they could possibly be in love with each other.