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timeline of events and the universes they happen in.


I have a bunch of unwritten stories that are mentioned and summarized because the events are part of the canon of other stories. You might want to pass on viewing this timeline if you want everything to remain a surprise.


Heroes and Villans Universe: VEREINT GEORGES (Universe B)

Black Friday -> Origins: Starburst -> Heroes & Villains -> The Wedding -> Allies & Enemies -> Psychotic -> All That Remains

Kanon: DARKSTAR (Universe B/AU)

Unnamed Couch Fic -> Just Another Titanic Tuesday


A Beautiful Paradise -> The Beautiful Death -> Faizel 01 -> Faizel 02 -> Faizel 03


This universe was heavily affected by The Event. The tip of the spear connected with one point of the Earth and pierced the fabric of reality. And in that moment of impact, 99% of all life died. And the other 1% was forever changed.

The Earth became a poisonous hellscape of death and destruction. And the life that survived… became gods (definition: god: “superhuman being or spirit worshipped as having power over nature or human fortunes; a deity.”).

The surviving humans become beings of great power able to warp reality to their whims and desires.

But the air outside their domed cities is poisonous even to human gods. Animal gods are able to attack and harm human gods. Even with all their great power, the changed humans are trapped within their biodomes where they force all animals and insects out. (Lice in a dome are a nightmare scenario as they can’t be killed and must be picked out of the hair with a comb and by hand.)

Within their domes, they create paradise cities where there every desire can be fulfilled with a wish. Food appears on command and depending on their level of power they can create anything they can visualize.

Its just that life outside the domes is impossible. The Earth has been destroyed, and the particles that gave them their godly powers also prevents them from affecting the environment.

Learning their new powers, the gods discover a means of creating dimensional doorways that allow them to travel to other Earths. Where their powers allow them to do near anything they like with only other gods to control them.

Different pantheons choose different Earths to make their own. Stronger gods have more choice over the Earths they travel to while lesser gods band together in groups.

The gods of Universe A largely stick to Universe A/AU and alternates of that reality. Over time, their various groups of humans begin to colonize other planets, taking their god-connection to create a genetic pathway that the Doormakers can use to travel along.

*Living with his mother in their tiny dome apartment, a young god discovers how to create doorways between reality. And once a door is opened, it can easily be reopened and used. (Tiny apartment that has a doorway that opens to his chosen reality. “This is my Earth. My paradise. I will show you how to find others.”)

* Zeus, Hera, etc. make their first appearance on Universe A/AU. They begin building their pantheon
* the first Zeus?
* as time passes, they drift further and further away from their original selves, the normal human people they used to be
* a modern world upswept by devastation, a surviving population having great impossible powers while stuck with a broken world
* introduction to a brand new Earth, one where a god’s every whim is reality. Where only another god has the ability to hurt a god.
* the new patheon is comprised of “born gods,” the children born after the Great Cataclysm. They are the children born on the new Earth with the powers of their godly parent but no memory of a life different from temples and worship
* the occasional visit back to [homeworld: name for], but its a strange place of tiny domes and deadly creatures and plant life that can attack and move with the power of a god

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Universe A/AU

* Fused with the body of a muse, a young god faces a changed life.

The Hand of Ares (short story)
* How the Hand of Ares became Ares’ chosen. (Mature content.)

Mischief’s Tears

Ares Unbbound
* Captured for a time, Ares escapes to seek out his family and vengeance.

Persephone’s Glaive


The reality of gods have been forgotten by mortals, though the legends and the stories remain in the public domain. At the same time, the gods haven’t left. The old gods have simply decided to play other games while the new gods are just living life.

Modern Gods

Gentle Is the Night

Morpheus (short story)

Jacky Moon
* A strange little boy discovers that he’s not so strange and the things he sees are real.

UNIVERSE B — Vereint Georges

Psiren’s Call
* The superheroine Psiren’s origin story involves fame-sickness, a stalker, and the desire to experience something different and new.

Heroes & Villains 0.2: Black Friday (short story)
* Young Vereint Georges has enjoyed a traditional Georges family Thanksgiving with his parents, but then comes the blackest of Fridays. One they’ll never remember.

Heroes & Villains 0.5: Origins: Starburst (short story)
* Walking home from school, teenager Vereint Georges stumbles into the midst of a super battle that will change his life forever.

* Shiva. The name she gave herself as she hacked and Black Hatted her way into locked systems and criminal activities. Cyber terrorist and gleeful criminal, she was just looking to have a good time. She wasn’t expecting to draw the attention of Captain Victorious. Wasn’t expecting to be forced into a life of doing good.

Freeform Jazz — crossover w/Universe D
* Story of the hero GlenDal.
* superhero. How he became a magical girl and a member of the League of Superheroes.

Heroes & Villains 1: Heroes & Villains (novel)
* Vereint Georges had dreamed of being a superhero, but that life quickly became a nightmare he couldn’t wait to escape. Being a supervillain seemed more fulfilling. He didn’t hesitate to don the mask of the supervillain Darkstar.
* Warrick Reidenger Tobias has been the world famous superhero Blue Ice since he was a teenager. It was the role he’d been raised to by his legacy superhero family. He’d never thought of being anything else.

* The Golden Goddess was dead. She’d been mercilessly dismembered, her every bit consumed by evil. And yet… Some bit of her has remained to find its way back into the world.

Girl, Power
* Powergirl started out her career by filling out her paperwork wrong and being stuck with a superhero name she found ridiculous. But she was never one to let herself fail at anything. She would wear her ridiculous superhero name with pride and make it something worthy of respect.

Heroes & Villains 1.2: The Wedding (novella)
* Billionaire Warrick Reidenger Tobias is marrying his fiance, Vereint Georges. It is the event of the century, attended by the biggest names of the League of Superheroes, from Blue Ice to Captain Victorious to Masque to Lady Arcana. The League of Superheroes is in attendance… And the Junior League is left to protect the city.

Pulse of the City
* Susie Smith was the name she was given, and now she’s just an amnesiac teenager in foster care.

* Seth is moving on from his unrequited love for Tony (Teen Steel).
* Meets a non-superhero, they have feelings for each other, they start a relationship
* Marriage, adopted children (or maybe none.)
* Meanwhile, in his career as Sunfire, Seth does his best and has a growing reputation. He doesn’t become a “shining star” of the metahuman world, but he has a solid reputation and a solid career.
* His big plot point: Someone has been attacking metahuman children. Just Manifested, unaffiliated children.
* Mark of the power stealer.

Crimson Blade
* Kid Friday receives word that his sister, Crimson Blade is missing. He goes to his father, (Captain Tomorrow?), and tracks down the last place his sister was seen.
* Flashbacky memories of when they were kids. He was the big brother, she was the little sister. He was told by their mother to look after her.

Heroes & Villains 2: Allies & Enemies (novel)
* Vereint and Warrick are living an idyllic life with each other and their adopted daughter. It seems inevitable that terrible things would happen. And that terrible things would be done in return. (Mature content.)

The Dark Hearts
* Ashley is settling back into her life. She’s remembering more and more and she’s finding herself again. Then her sister shows up. A sister she never knew existed.

Heroes & Villains 2.2: Psychotic (short story)
* Whatever happened to Jericho Slim? He captured the wrong fish and it bit him.

Meta: Avatar

Heroes & Villains 3: All That Remains
* Caspian Dukes takes a sidekick
* Blue Fairy reappears with a warning: They’re coming.
* the sky splits open and giants come through
* Battle For Terra

Post Battle For Terra events

Locke and Qi
* Locke can unlock anything, even things that don’t have locks
* After falling through a portal, Locke and Qi end up in 1938’s Nazi Germany. Forced to survive, they come up with their own plan to get home
* Locke steals a Very Important notebook. Then takes a train ride
* Qi saves Locke
* meet up with Steel Fury

UNIVERSE B/AU — Kanon-universe

* mm. superhero. sci-fi. Captain Victorious/Bonecrusher. Alien spores cause a horrifying result to two of the male members of the League of Superheroes. Basically a sex-pollen made them do it story.
* origin of Captain Furious(? What was the name of Captain Victorious’ son? This is his birth story. Which I guess means it happened in the Heroes & Villains Universe too.)

At First Sight
* Carrie loved Tony from the moment she first laid eyes on him. Beautiful Teen Steel, everything a girl could ever want.
* It hurts to see him with Sonic Pulse–Ashley–that stuck up bitch. Always flaunting around like she’s something special. She’s not.
* It was jealousy that moved her. Jealousy that drove her. And jealousy that kept Carrie from regretting what she did.
* Until all of a sudden there was a baby growing in her belly. And a realization that she’s not a good person. Certainly not good enough to be somebody’s mother.
* Her brother hates that she gave up Henry. Hates that she stole that opportunity to raise a child from them. But her brother doesn’t understand. He still thinks that there’s goodness in her soul.
* She doesn’t know how he would respond if she told him what she’d done.
* That she was a murderer.

Tuesday Night
* Grieving the love of his life, Tony makes a big, life-altering mistake that somehow turns out sort of all right.
* Seth offers the greatest gift he can give: his love.
* Henry is alive.
* Seth and Tony move in together. (On other side of the luxury metahuman living complex, there are some interesting neighbors. Some they notice. Others that notice them, thus changing a life-course, without Seth and Tony knowing.)
* The Teen Demis are sent to Star City.
* a lot of heroes die.
* command of the Star City situation is given over to Commander Caspian Dukes
* Evan finds a new hope. (He’d been wallowing in the loss of Ashley. She was his anchor to keep from burning in his own fire. Sometimes that’s all he wants: to burn. It was only his love for Ashley that let him maintain a person-suit. Without her… There are only flames. Henry is his salvation.)
* Seth has a Charm overload, a bunch of people are flash-fried, he is questioned by representatives of Overwatch.
* The Demis are pulled into another universe, Universe B, to fight in the Battle For Terra.
* They see alternate versions of themselves and others, including two Darkstars, theirs and Vereint.

Post Battle For Terra events

Cheese and Crackers on a Faux-Leather Couch
* actress and model was a witness to the Battle For Terra.
* she received a full blast of Charm from BOTH Darkstars.
* awash with so much power, her latent nor-gene becomes active and she Manifests

Unnamed Couch Fic
* Darkstar’s birthday celebration is being assembled
* the theme is swans
* the theme designer is Matthias
* Darkstar decides to have a good time with Matthias, nothing serious
* but of course things can’t stay easy

Just Another Titanic Tuesday — crossover w/Universe I
* Darkstar has glimpsed the alternate universe life of another Vereint Georges and he finds himself disatisfied with the life he’s living. So he leaves his universe behind to find another Earth.
* Dr. Zee opened the portal, and Darkstar said he didn’t care where he went as long as it was somewhere new and where humans live
* He ends up in Universe I
* meets the secret identity of the superhero Cherry Pi (He holds up a hand and a pie appears that he can throw at people. CP: “The power is ridiculous, I know. But it’s what I’ve got to work with.” DS: “Can… Can you eat the pies?” CP: “What?” DS: “Can you eat the pies? You know, the ones you whoosh up or whatever. Can you eat them?” CP: “They’re psychic constructs. No nutritional value at all.” Darkstar was a bit disappointed. “Oh. I was thinking you could solve world hunger.” After a moment, DS: “Do your psychic pies taste like anything? Are they like cardboard in your mouth? Do they disappear like rice paper? What…” CP touched DS’ lips with his fingers, silencing him. “You’re not going to give up until you taste my pie, are you?” Darkstar’s grin was dirty. “Nope.”)
* Cherry Pi is a minor superhero

In the moment that Kanon Darkstar steps into the portal that Dr. Zee opens, there is the potential for him to travel to any reality.

In that moment, anything could have happened. Other versions of Kanon Darkstar went off to half somewhat semi-canon stories happen to them(?).

That reality split is **Universe B/AU/AU* since all of those stories had the possibility of happening in a reality where Dr. Zee’s machine sent Darkstar to various other places.

Some other places:
* The Carrion Tree

The Hastings
* A superhero family creates a new civilian identity to give their patriarch a chance to either heal or die in peace.

UNIVERSE B/AU/AU — other realities Kanon Darkstar could have gone to

The Carrion Tree
* Darkstar ends up on an Earth with some very different plant life. Including the carrion plant that all smart humans avoid unless they want their every orifice entered.
* The pleasure is great, but most people avoid carrion plants unless they want to die.
* Darkstar stumbles into a carrion plant and becomes a living battery for the carrion tree he becomes
* Body twisted and trapped for eight centuries, Darkstar changes into something other
* A walking tree is brought by human drone slaves and planted next to Darkstar’s carrion tree
* Darkstar notices the “new life” next to him. Deigns to pull himself out of the dragging dark.
* Talks to the walking tree
* Walking tree explains what’s going on with the carrion plants. (“Unspoken Things” or “Unspeakable Things”, the one where the guy runs into the carrion plant and has a bad time.)
– The walking tree birthed during the Unspoken/Unspeakable incident is the walking tree that Darkstar meets.
* Darkstar and the walking tree are used in the carrion plant (the Greedy Mother’s) experiment. The walking tree is absorbed into Darkstar.
* Darkstar taps into the carrion plant network. He creates a node separate from the Greedy Mother
* the Voice of Darkstar begins changing the Earth he’s on. Humans that hear him are “blessed” by his wisdom and direction. He sends out premonitory dreams.
* He finds that people who can resist the Greed Mother appear as bright sparks in his mind. He puts the sparks together, creating brighter sparks. More and more humans are able to resist the allure of the carrion plant
* Laredo is the result of generations of careful breeding. He hears Darkstar the clearest of all
* Darkstar calls Laredo to rescue him from the carrion tree form he’s trapped in. Laredo gets him out
* Darkstar has a friendship with Laredo that lasts the man’s lifetime.

UNIVERSE C — fey/nyxti, vampires, Others

A Cuckoo In the Nest (short story)
* An elven lord goes out on the town, breeding as his kind does. (Mature content.)

Slipping Through the Cracks: Normal Again (short story) — crossover w/Universe B
* Franz Caulder wakes up in a mental health hospital on a world that’s not his own. All he wants is to return home. To his life as Kid Nitro.

Slipping Through the Cracks: Rescue Position
* Franz has a job and he’s making himself a life and he’s got hope for the future to come. Then his next door neighbor turns up dead and he can’t help becoming involved.

Jenny Deacon Adventures
* Young Jenny Deacon has been raised to hunt werewolves and the monsters in the dark. It’s the only life she’s ever known. And with her father and brother so recently deceased… She feels like she has to prove herself.

Faizel 01 — crossover with Universe C/AU-Master’s Plan (short story)
* Mysterious Faizel appears in Charlemagne’s life as a miracle. Both joyous to Charlemagne and a darkness to everyone else.
* That first introduction after leaving the portal.

* Jenny Deacon is a professional Hunter. She earns her money from the government and the police departments she helps. She is something for dark things to fear. Because she brings the fight to them. She refuses to ever back down. And she will do whatever she has to do to get the job done. Even if it means confronting Prince Lucian, the head of the local Vampire Court.
* A vampire has been committing murder. Jenny will find that vampire and execute it. Not even the Prince of the Vampires will stand in her way.

Faizel 02
* Jenny Deacon is hunting a vampire that has been murdering humans. She comes to Prince Lucian demanding answers
* Ewing is commanded to help Deacon with her investigation
* Deacon is very heavy-handed with her actions
* Ewing is called to be punished
* Charlemagne raises in rank

** Faizel 03**
* Charlemagne must gather a Court worthy of his new rank.
* Faizel helps him, as Faizel does.

Prince Lucian

Faizel 04
* Faizel, THE Faizel, makes an appearance to see his son

Prince of Faeries
* Ryan loves Franz. He does.
* but sometimes biology is unavoidable.

Harsh Buzz
* mm. urban fantasy. vampires. Marmalee/Ward. Marmalee is to be crowned Prince-Elect, but there are those working against him. They want to ruin his party.

UNIVERSE C/AU — Master’s Plan

Mad Town
* Cyril found the book in a dusty estate sale library. One glimpse of the cover–silver gilt shining in his eyes–and he had to have it. Had to read from its pages. Had to unlock the magic held within.
* And now the town of Parragon is overrun by ghosts, goblins, witches, werewolves, and every darkness they had once been protected against. Until Cyril spoke the words that destroyed their safety.
* Vampires are real. It’s something Brandon discovers at the cost of his best friend Matthew.
* Brandon has vowed to kill the Master and save his town. Whatever must be done.

A Beautiful Paradise (Mature content)
* He woke up and he wasn’t Matthew anymore. He was the vampire Faizel, a Master Vampire, even if he was incredibly young for the power. The Master enjoys his strangeness, praises him for it, even as the dark creature pokes and prods at the edges of his power, trying to see what secrets Faizel might be made from.
* Faizel is birthed in darkness, and he loves it. The sinfulness of it. The debauchery. The complete freedom of self that comes from lacking a human soul.

The Beautiful Death
* Faizel discovers his heritage. It is nothing he ever could have imagined. It makes him miss Matthew, the boy he used to be.
* Faizel, son of Faizel, father of Faizel–Matthew never knew his real father. He was never supposed to know his real father, not as long as he lived a mortal life. But now, a soulless being, he doesn’t have the protection of his humanity anymore.
* Faizel meets Faizel. And Faizel is terrifying.


The Panic Pure
* There’s a serial killer on the loose.
* Bad things happened to a young Danny Worth. Things that are coming back to roost.
* Arthur has spent his whole life regretting that he didn’t help his friend Danny when they were young. It’s something he’s never forgiven himself for. He has promised to never be weak like that again.
* FBI Agent Marshal Newman is hunting a serial killer, but finds what might be the love of his life instead: Danny.

From Diamond to Coal: Arc One
* Beginning in the future, William Neeley is sent backward in time.
* Bathed in krioten particles, William’s life flashes across his mind. Starting from his meeting Alan Trent and through their marriage, the birth of their son, Alan’s presidency, and William’s company changing the modern world.

Across Two Divides: Arc One
* Nicholas and Christian are intrinsically locked together. They are two halves of one friendship, and their love interests are tertiary to their relationship with each other and any children.
* To outside observers, it seems that Nicholas is the more dependent one. He is employed by Christian. Christian cares for him with a near slavish devotion, as though Nicholas can’t take care of himself.
* Christian is the more dependent personality. Without Nicholas, he is often cold and cruel.

Woke Up In Vegas

* Melissa never expected to become a victim of the Arianetta Killer.
* She was a foundling as a child, eventually adopted by her foster family
* She plays the violin and has a good life
* She has strange dreams of things that never, could never have, happened

From Diamond to Coal: Arc Two

The Billionaire Boys Club
* Danny Worth, Christian DeLongeria, Nicholas [last name], and William Neeley all meet up to pour some money into making the world a better place.
* “‘The Billionaire Boys Club,'” William said, “doesn’t that sound a little, I don’t know, problematic? We sound like we don’t like the ladies.”
* “But I was really looking forward to being the BBC. I loved the Babysitters Club when I was a kid. I really wanted to have diabetes before I knew what that was,” Nicholas teased.


Far in the future,
> on alien shores,
> after technology is lost,
> a war with the spirits of nature.

The Wilding (short story)
* Captured and chained by the Black Prince, an enslaved soul has nearly lost all hope when a group of strangers appears.
* It kicks off a spiritual antagonism toward humanity

Inquisitor Jang
* Jang has been called to a mountainous keep to investigate a suspicious murder
* dark magic and treachery



Vedran’s Hand

Black Hood

The Laughing Curse

UNIVERSE D/AU 1 — Nicholas dies/dolls universe

Shame (short story)
* Simon Peters indulges in extremely risky sexual behavior that resuts in him being assaulted on camera with that video being played on the news. (Mature content. WARNING: non-con. Hurt no comfort.)

The Brownstone Diaries: Bastian

The Brownstone Diaries: Echo (novella)

The Brownstone Diaries: Jocked

The Brownstone Diaries: Topping

Shame: Fierce
* Simon Peters is the world’s most famous actor. The physical assault he suffered was seen by millions and shared to even more. It has taken him years, but he thinks he’s ready to move on. He wants to be ready to move on. Because he’s not ashamed of who he is or what was done to him, not anymore. He’s fierce.
* Makes friends while on the set of his newest movie
* comes to the realization that he’s going to live his life as he likes

Centrifical (novella)
* A B-rated sci-fi telelvision show star and a world famous rock god may be an unexpected friendship, but it’s an even more unexpected romance. (Sweet romance.)

Shame: Conflagration

Approaching Zero

Diamond Desmond

Shame: Animation
* Simon Peters is asked to be the basis model for the first Human Doll. His likeness and basic personality are used to program the [Christian DeLongeria’s company, model number, brand name]
* There are video recordings of Simon going back decades. He has been a beloved actor, philanthropist, and celebrity since he was a teenager.
* Simon receive a lifetime achievement award

The Dying of the Light
* Nicholas becomes ill and dies, but in the time he has left he builds Christian a Doll. “I cannot think to leave you alone, my friend. This Doll isn’t me, but at least you can talk to something with my face.”
* Christian spends the rest of his life with Nicholas Doll.


Hallucinate a Beautiful Boy

Wooden Doll

Singularity Darling

* Con hacks into a corporate system and finds the AI that will be his Amor.
* Amor enjoys time with Con
* Amor is discovered by the programmers and he is to be destroyed
* Con breaks into the corporation and steals Amor away, but is attacked in the process
* Amor is installed as the AI on a battle tank. He meets his tank driver and they become family
* Amor has learned love, but it hurts without his Con



UNIVERSE E — no metas/State Rule universe

In The Vastness Deep — crossover w/Universe D


The Red Bead





Blue Fairy 498
* Melissa faces down Damien Prince in an attempt to save a Variant.

Unattainable Mercy

Emily & Jane





UNIVERSE E/AU — Paradigm Shift/State Rule universe

Paradigm Shift
* Gregor Tierney is a Third. It is the last thing he wants to be, especially in a world that has been struck by a sterility plague that has destroyed the eggs of most human females. Against his will, he has become a very important member of the breeding population.

UNIVERSE F — no metas/dolls universe


### Fate’d
### Pupil


Narcissus (short story collection, mm)
### The Shaper-King

##UNIVERSE G — vampires and Others

Lianndra — crossover w/Universe C (novel)
### Julian Duncan: The Center (novella)
### Blue Dreams 1: Little Boy Blue (novel)
### Blue Dreams 2: Residual Blue
### Of Blood 1: Visions of Blood & Shadow (novel)
### Modern Gothic
### Of Blood 1.2: Blood Wine (novel)
### Of Blood 2: Tears of Blood & Glory

##UNIVERSE H — Human Pets verse

Allen the Alien


Rascal Brand

UNIVERSE I — metahumans/restriction act/magic

The Dragon Eye
### Leviathan
### Iron Princess
### The Prince’s Bride
### Wolves and Lambs


The Troll Bride
### Wolf Red
### Swan Boy
### Duck Ugly
### Beastly Beauty
### Wicked Lovely


Riley Keene: Boy Adventurer
### Doggy Style
### True Love’s Kiss
### Six Sweaters



UNIVERSE L — God of Light

Lucieus Estarion: Book One (novella)
### Lucieus Estarion: Book Two


Jewel’s Universe
### Rue
* Rueshar Farin del Sol is the human avatar for the God of Light. Emperor of the Crystal Spheres Empire


Bird of Paradise (short story)
### A Single Petal Fell (short story)
### The Brand


Death-Priest [Tristen]
### Fantasy (novel)