It’s 100% jealousy, not envy // CW

Seeing the Jersey Shore people and the Kardashians and all the other celebrities renting islands and resorts and having a wonderful time while the rest of us are staying home?

It is 100% jealousy, not envy.

There is a true sense that they are taking away from other people with their actions.

-It’s the sight of seeing them out and about having a great time while the rest of us are poor and miserable and worried about the future.

-It’s seeing a celebrity later laugh about having had COVID-19. Or resenting even the ones that are honest about their experiences–“It was miserable”–and knowing that they had the money to receive the best possible care. The kind of care that people making less than $400,000 a year will never know.

-It’s witnessing the complete and utter excess that they represent, and knowing they probably voted Tr0mp because the rich all stick together. (Seriously, you think KayKay voted for Biden? Or do you think her and her whole family voted for the “Keep the Rich Rich” Party because they have no concept of reality*?)

-It’s imagining all the towns and airports they pass through to reach their destination. Realizing that it’s not just the “stars,” but their hairstylists, their assistants, their camera crews, their drivers, their bodyguards, their security, their… everything. Including fans gathering to be part of the background.

They put on a clown show and set a bad example for people that don’t have the budget to practice even a modicum of safety measures. (We’re lucky some people are even wearing masks. Looking at you, Sturgis. Shoulda canceled.)

So these badly timed TV shows about rich people having glorious vacations? It’s grotesque.

We’re in the middle of a pandemic!

Over 1,297,750 deaths attributed to COVID-19 worldwide. Over 247,000 deaths in the United States alone.

And these sub-celebrities are showing themselves on TV and social media having the greatest time of their lives. “There’s no lines!”

I’m tired of “reality TV” that is so far from reality that it’s nothing but propaganda. Just look at the networks paying for this society destroying content, and then look at the network owners.

Then try not to think about all of the sociology experiments those owners funded to discover what does and does not work to condition the human brain. Don’t think about it. Watch TV.

Everything is fine.

Sprinkle a little sugar on it.


*When you live the level of wealth that these people are born into, they honestly have no concept of deprivation. To them, Fyrefest was of apocalyptic proportions–“We’re all dying here”–which was a blatant untruth as they had the money to buy plane tickets or rent planes to get the heck out.

Any of us poors get stuck somewhere?

We have no money to get away.

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Our friends and families have no money to either help us get away or come rescue us themselves.

The message from movies like “Taken” isn’t that “Daddy is a killer man and he’s gonna snap necks until he gets you home, girl,” it’s “You’re going to die in a brothel in a foreign country, strung out on drugs. And when you’re finally rescued, it’ll be because somebody is looking for someone else and you’ll have to live or die with the guilt that they left all those other victims behind.”

Being poor is being trapped in an untenable situation because you don’t have money to live.

It’s being stuck somewhere due to financial debt or just an inability to buy a bus ticket. So even if you have a place to go (which you might not), you can’t come up with even $20 to make some energy balls to eat when you start walking the 500 miles home.

And if you’re in another country? And your hosts have taken away your passport?

Events like the Fyrefest–or a Tr*mp rally–where everyone got shipped in, then found out it was “make your own way home” are horrible scenarios. “Sucks to be you… hope you’re all alright” with no real fear because come on. Buses showed up to get them to their cars. They were rich enough to charter jets to get home. They were forced to eat a slice of American cheese on plain white bread rather than the gourmet meal they were expecting.

They were still privileged fukks when they went home.

The rest of us? We’ve been stuck at Fyrefestivus 24/7 for the last 11, nearly 12 months.

We’ve run out of toilet paper.

We’ve run out of clean water.

We’re lonely because we can’t see friends or find lovers because we can’t go out.

We’re cold and we don’t have Internet, yet kids are supposed to be in school.

And we’re pissed off about it.

Because they’re talking about branching off into their own news stations and private channels where they can exclude us for their own peace of mind. (Who wants to see homeless people when they’re eating?) They’ve spent decades funding shows that depict the poor, the disabled, and “the different” in a way that frames their utter xenophobia as some kind of shared joke. (“Hahaha, [minority] people.” “The food of [some other culture] is just as dirty as they are. Huge horse laugh.”)

“It’s just a joke. Why are you taking it so seriously? It’s not like your people are actually dirty. Or that your genitals are in some way of prurient interest and a ‘joking tone’ allows us to say whatever horrible thing we want. [Ethnic] people’s genitals are just made like that; show me yours and I’ll prove it. Why are you getting so butthurt? Why so sensitive? Why you crying? Get over yourself. You’re just stuck up.”

So yeah. Not too keen on watching the rich get richer then share their vacation videos with us.

And then to be such dicks as to buy promotion time for their shows?!?

To FORCE us to watch them having the greatest time of their lives in HD while the rest of us are living in squalor, praying we don’t get sick and die? Or worse, get sick and live with long-term medical issues and a crushing debt that means never being free?

“All I want is a room somewhere,
far away from the cold night air…
Wouldn’t it be lover-ly?”