Cat toys question — Imma look for the answer

So I’ve got these two cats now. Well, a cat and a kitten. Which is kind of the problem.

Banjo is kind of a bully. And I’m thinking it’s due to a sense of being usurped. (I’ve seen that Simpsons episode. "Uu-SUR-pER!")

She’s starting to get along with Lemon, but she’s also become kind of aggressive. She’s just all around grumpy.

We try to include her in play, but she just sits and stares. She’s become standoffish. And I think it’s because she feels like she’s losing her place.

I want them to play together.

So I was wondering if there is a toy where they have to cooperate together to get treats. Like a Kong for cats, but forcing cooperative play.

Or are cats not able to relate like that? Would they be able to figure out that the toy only works if they BOTH depress a switch at the same time? Or maybe if they pull at the same time, treats shoot out both ends.

They could become buddies.

Though, maybe I’d regret it if they became hunting pals. I’ve watched stuff on lions and tigers and other big cats:

Two female cats. One a large calico short hair with a kinda smushed face(?) and the other a long-haired tabby (Morris cat). Working together, like lionnesses, they hunt through the house. Pouncing on anything that moves. Bullying the dog. Making everyone regret their life choices.