Yes, there is a Great Adversary

Yes, there is a Great Adversary, and it exists in the human heart.

I think of the Satanists ready to put up their demon-guy statue across the street from the church to keep the church from putting up the giant grotesque statue they were going to force on everyone.

It’s like, "Hey you pseudo-pagans Christians! Keep your religious iconography to yourself. If your religion is true, then you’re suffering under the sin of false idolatry and you need to stop. We’re all very concerned for your well-being," but coming from Satanists.

As an outside observer, I can feel things coalescing in my head. Ideas taking form as I watch the shameless display playing itself out across the world today.

The United States is in the Eye of the Storm.

Those of us not part of the madness are being forced to watch a bunch of apocalypse cultists play out their end of the world play. All of them shouting about The Bible they’ve never read but allowed others to interpret for them.

I wish they would leave the rest of us alone, but they seem bound and determined to suck us into their drama.

It sucks.

They suck.