“We’re the kids in America…”

I remember watching Digimon. I loved the whole Angemon thing. That first series was the best.

LEN singing “Kids in America” was a great song.

I wasn’t allowed to listen to a lot of music, but that CD was one I got. (I remember reading a lot of songfics and singing the songs, trying to imagine how they should be sung because I’d never heard them. “Hurt” was used in that Xander fic that was like a different background color for every page and I devoured it word by word, it had to be like 200,000+. An unfinished Spander where they totally got together and had a happy ever after because there’s no other option that’s not terrible and sad.)

If you can’t see the above YouTube video, it’s Billie Joe Armstrong covering “Kids In America” for his No Fun Mondays. He’s been covering all kinds of songs, and some of them are really really good.

I’m always so envious of people that can sing. Having a good voice is a great gift in itself.