Everyday feels like Today

Does anybody else feel like it’s been a thousand years?

I feel like this horror has been going on forever. Yet I looked up and was surprised that it was June.

The life is literally being drained out of my body. I’m losing time and everything in-between.

Trapped between terror and liberation. Everyday feels like Today. Every moment is Right Now.

So abuses I literally saw yesterday feel like they happened a long time ago. And I know that’s wrong. I know that isn’t right.

I have to fight my instincts and actually pause and think.

Because that’s why it’s systemic racism. It’s everywhere. It’s literally built into the system. And that’s why things need to be repaired.

Some people will be fired because they should be fired. They know who they are, or will shortly be made aware through mandatory social retraining. Because the ones that aren’t killers? Have worked with some for a long time.

That’s some heavy load.

A lot of people desperately need therapy. Some might even need some jail time and/or actual community service.

Just saying.