I’ll email you tomorrow. In the meanwhile…

This one goes to (M!). I’ll email you back tomorrow about Heroes & Villains.

I’ve just been inundated with emails. It’s like every company I’ve ever even brushed against is now sending me emails in this time of coronovirus. It’s ugh, no thanks.

If you like “Where Do I Go When I’m Not Here,” then it’s dedicated to you. If you hate it… then it’s, you know, just a passing fancy.

It’s currently an embedded WIP. I don’t think it’s going to be super long, it’s basically a Kanon-verse Darkster of the future ending up in an alternate universe on a colony planet. The Darkster happens to be a somewhat powerful metahuman, which means their very presence is able to effect the nor-gene of those around them.

The main character is named Adrien Paulette, because yes, I really do think I’m funny and clever and all those other things. Though I might change his name to “Adrien Matthias” because of all those “Adam to Matt” stories people used to write about my favorite Immortal.

If you like it, let me know what name you’d want it dedicated to. I was thinking of writing an email, and this is what came out. So this one goes to you ^_^

~Harper Kingsley

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