Timeline of events (mental recap)

So I’mma do a recap of what I remember of recent events. This is something for me, but you can enjoy(1) it too. Don’t expect citations; this is for me.

It’s like the memory game:

So the basics are:

President promises much needed supplies for hospitals + decides companies will magically donate those supplies = doesn’t place order for much needed supplies.

Lacking supplies and protective equipment = nurses and doctors hitting craft stores to make their own face shields = public sewing and donating masks + public 3D printing ventilator parts = big company threatening litigation.

I hope the other planets are holding us in their thoughts. It’s like someone pointed out, life has been terrible ever since Mercury entered retrograde.


I wonder what solution he uses.

Remember when that lady wanted to clean that painting of Jesus and it was a practical lesson on leaving certain jobs to the professionals? Yeah. This guy is amazing.


Clear. Concise explanation. Just what we all needed.

That dress is amazing.

I love her. I’m sorry if you don’t. But I love her.

I honestly enjoyed Birds of Prey. You should watch it if you haven’t seen it. (And if you’re interested, somewhere on the Internet someone’s posted the recipe for Harley’s beloved egg, bacon, and cheese sandwich.)

Kojima is a visionary. We should have him pick the lotto numbers.

This is amazing to me.

If some millionaire out there wants to buy me like a ton of these, I promise to put them to good use and I’ll even post pictures. Because these solar panels are amazing. It makes me wanna weep.

In the video I saw from China, they were walking around with big pans of steamed buns and passing them out to their tourist-monkeys.

I haven’t kept up with this story the way I should have. I hope those monkeys are doing well ;_;

This thread makes me want to weep… from RAGE. Some people seriously need to be punished, like ay-ay-ay-ay!

An eye-opening thread. Like WTF.

Definitely a wake-up call.

$11,000 and you get a brand new 3D printed house.

If it becomes popular, this technology could definitely change the face of home-ownership.

Wow. Snakes and stones.

Kanye and Kim are a couple of devils.

Train to Busan” is an amazing movie and you should totally watch it. Even my notorious zombie movie hater brother got sucked in and enjoyed it.

Good soup.

And yeah, the conductor really is a hero. He went above and beyond, especially when dealing with that rich douche guy.


Yeah, I’m not too keen at the idea of this. Especially since they’re moving the National Guard around like hm.


I’m thinking I might have to watch the first episode of “Vagrant Queen.” I’m a bit curious.

First episode is on YouTube.


There is nothing quite so disturbing as a doctor walking in, handling your parts, and never once washing their hands. And no, I don’t that disinfectant foam really counts for much.

But what do I know. I’m not a doctor.

Batman believes in branding. He went to school with Cobra Commander.

  1. There is no joy here. Only Zuul.

Snopes is a valuable resource.

I’m still curious whether Russia really released lions in their streets to maintain the curfew. I mean, on one hand, idk, and on the other… Idk. Seems legit.

I have a couple of chickenpox scars. I don’t want to get shingles.

The future seems like a dark and dismal place, filled with itching and childhood regret.

It’s terrible to think of mothers and children going hungry because people panic-bought a bunch of food they otherwise wouldn’t have touched with a 10-foot pole. So now people are stocked with food they’re not going to eat–because stores are restocking daily, though everything might not be available–and people that live on those WIC and SNAP approved foods can’t find anything they can buy.

She is great at her job. Seriously. Props to a star.


I have never read “The Communist Manifesto.” I just really admire how they matched her outfits to every cover. Very cool.

That ending is such a surprise. Maybe a little disturbing. But I think the message is clear… Physical distancing is the thing to do in this time of pandemic.

Everyone is playing “Animal Crossing: New Horizons“, and I’m kind of super jealous, but also kind of not because I really don’t need to get obsessed with a game that has no clear ending. Because I would play and obsess FOREVER and none of us want a repeat of the whole Farmville thing.

Still, if you’re not a weirdo like me, you should try the two games I really want to play but probably shouldn’t: “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” and “Stardew Valley.”

Why do they give an alternate opinion to the truth? I mean, if it’s an alternate opinion to the truth, then it’s complete nonsense and the people spouting it should be told to sit down and educate themselves because they are being the problem.

I am just so tired. Like. Ugh.

“For Obama.”

So like that poem “Home” I wrote a while back? It’s actually the chapter titles of “My Name Is Home.” Just saying.

I tried watching season 1, episode 1 of “Killing Eve” a while ago, but maybe I wanna give it another chance. Idk.

It might be too much for me. But I am the king of the fast-forward button. So, yeah.

Yeah, I don’t really recommend following my Twitter unless you want a bunch of nonsense and news.

I’mma try to post a Twitter recap here every week or so. It seems my speed 🙂

I hope his wife didn’t get offended and that he was able to clearly and kindly explain himself. Though his hours of working seem really grueling, and maybe his boss should give him a more humane 9-5 schedule because geesh.

I need to follow up on this story. Like, what’s going on in the world of unions right now?
I am never going to win this game. It is kicking my ass.

MagiCat on Nintendo Switch is too much for me. This cute little cat just keeps dying and I’m not even past level 2 and I’ve put like 14 hours into this game spread out over months and months, but still, 14 HOURS.

I may be looking at this one as a story prompt. Just saying.
Me watching this, screaming “Stay the fok home!”

You can practically see where idiots decided to keep weekend partying and got infected. So bonkers.

If you’re looking for a way to help during this crisis…

Homeless kids need help at the moment.

Now I wanna watch this episode. We love you Kitty!

I love Kitty from That 70’s Show. Her and Red… they were poifect together. Just poifect.

This whole administration is such a turd sandwich. // Do you remember that they CUT DOWN protected cactuses/cacti to build the ridiculous wall? Like, people are sitting in prison today for accidentally crashing their cars into one, yet these a-holes chopped down so f’ing many. LIke… ugh.

So… He’s got casino interests, so he’s going to stomp on the rights of the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe, and he thinks we’re going to let it happen because he bungled the Covid-19 response? Seriously, what drugs is he on?

You know, if you’re into Captain Picard reading a sonnet.

Is this a moodboard? Is that what this is?

Am I supposed to write a story featuring these four archetypal characters? Is that what you want me to do?

Heavy stuff. I do not feel qualified here at all.

So like, the Internet Archive is trying to circumvent copyrights, which they got called out on previously. I don’t know why they would try this bs right now, but seriously dudes: Cut it out.

The strings they cut now also gives other jerks room to cause trouble nobody needs at the moment. The world is battling a pandemic, and 45 is tryin’ to kill us all for profit.

Stop poking the bear.


Definitely things to think about. People are going to need more help than ever, especially if this administration continues on this path of decimation.

Much love to the first line heroes putting themselves out there with no assurance to their own safety. We love you. Blessing on you and your house.

I really wanna write “Yesterday” fanfic.

It’s definitely inspired me to contemplate a what-if prompt. I mean, months ago I mentioned something about “What if ‘Yesterday’ is the Harry Potter universe, and that’s why the books don’t exist there.” Or “What if ‘Yesterday’ is the Buffy universe in another Wish-fic or fic involving a Wish with a capital ‘W’?”

And the idea that there’s any universe without Coca-Cola, the Beatles, Harry Potter, or Oasis… It’s probably the world without shrimp.

How do we get medical workers the supplies they need?

If someone with knowledge was in charge, we wouldn’t be having these problems. Since everything is pretty much madness at the moment, we need to figure out how things are being done and not let ourselves be cheated out of our health and happiness.

I feel like throwing snake emojis around. Seriously. Madness.

These were a super hard pass.

In the name of giving these chips a chance, I’m all for their purchase. In terms of taste… Yuck with a double side of yuck.

Ruffles, I love you, but these chips are of questionable taste.

I recommend reading “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley. And then read the Cyteen series by C.J. Cherryh. (Goes to add link, finds out Cyteen isn’t available on Kindle. Freaks the fok out, because why isn’t it available on Kindle?!? What madness is this? And the price for Brave New World? Yikes.)

I like number 2 because it’s airy and bright, plus the tile floor is nice.

The color of number 4 caught my eye, but it seems too warm for this time of year. Number 1 seemed a bit too cozy for me, though I like the color palette.

Stay safe at home. Green state solidarity! Hope ya’ll in the red are being sensible even if your neighbors are being fools.

We’re all hanging out at home. Just chilling. Wishing TV networks actually showed content anymore.

I hope you’re doing well. I’m doing all right. Trying to keep from clawing the walls down, lol.

I hope things don’t just go back to normal. I hope they’re better.

Stay safe.