I have no title. I feel blank.

The world has become a crazy place,
we're screaming through our skins,
struggling against the very air to breathe,
refusing to let it in.
Though some react with disgrace,
pointing fingers, screaming "You're not my kin!"
the most of us are pooling our needs,
drawing together as family and friends.

Sometimes I wake up, drag myself out of bed–knocking the poor cat off my butt, where she curls up to sleep–and I look out the window and I feel blank.

It feels like there’s a pane of glass between me and everything around me. I exist in my own little world.

Which should be sad. Except the real world is currently terrifying.

The love is burning in our hearts,
we're just waiting to catch the flame,
I'll hold your hand through dark and light,
if you promise you feel the same.

You can download the full-version of the following coloring page from my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/posts/coloring-page-35034372. It’s black and white png 300 dpi.

This image has been altered from the original.

I like that cats and faces and different things just kind of appear under the pen as I’m drawing. My subconscious mind is a beautiful, cat-filled paradise.

I uh, turned the background a pale pink color, and now I’m coloring over it. As a result, my eye is immediately drawn to more psychedelic color patterns as I’m filling in the spaces.

It’d be cool if you shared your colored versions with me if you decide to color “Scrolled”–that’s the name I’m using for the pic. My twitter is : HarperKingsley0.