Help me. I’m losing my f’ing mind // “Heroes & Villains”

Okay, so I’m editing “Heroes & Villains” again.

And I’m terrible at editing.

Come on, be honest. You know I don’t beta read anything. That’s part of my fucking madness. (Avoidance, social isolation, mental flagellation, and general miserableness. I know I’m a downer and a ghost.)

So anyways, I use like, really just a lot and I know I went a bit overboard with them when writing “Heroes & Villains,” and I’m sorry, but I just can’t handle it right now.

So I’mma put “Heroes & Villains” here to download as a PDF file. And if anyone wants to read it and help a brother out… that would be some kind of awesome.

Let’s rip this bitch apart if we gotta.

I mean, there were things that got cut from “Allies & Enemies” that I don’t know if I would have wanted to keep, but I definitely miss that whole “Warrick Duncan Idaho”-line, because I thought that was super apt, and I’m a Dune fan, and a Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy fan, and you know, it seemed so perfect…

But this is about “Heroes & Villains,” which you can download as a PDF. For a limited time only. => DOWNLOAD PDF: Heroes & Villains <= (Right-Click + Save Link As...)

And I’m selling “Allies & Enemies” on Amazon and Smashwords, if you’re interested. And soon I’m gonna be doing something with “All That Remains,” probably on Patreon, so you’re gonna want to get caught up.

Plus I’mma be doing some “Blue Fairy” stuff, because I imagine her being like in Sliders, and jumping from Earth to Earth.

Oh yeah, and there’s this: