2020-03-27: Thoughts on Things; Allies & Enemies

So, because of “Allies & Enemies” on Smashwords, they sent a bunch of my old stuff for a Premium Catalogue check, which was like a reminder that “Oh, these things exist.”

I think I’m going to rewrite my Of Blood-universe stuff. I know I was super obsessed with the vampires and were-things for a while there, but I haven’t even looked at that stuff in forever.

It’s all teenaged wangst, and “We have to save the world, but we’re probably going to die”-stuff.

Like, even my Buffy-stuff is newer than that old stuff.

I have like three other novels packed away from that time. A teleporter-time travel bit of nonsense; a vampire lord origin story; and my immortal mage first-person POV ego project.

I might have to break those guys out of cold storage for a rewrite and posting. I want those character backstories already set before I throw them into the middle of a story.

Plus, I left Talon stranded on an alien planet. Stefan is in a dimension trap left by a witch; and those trapped with him don’t realize they’re his emergency food supply. I started an intergalactic war in Blood Wine–which more and more is a bridging novel between Reality, and when everything later gets rewritten(1). Rue is on the way to prove his brother’s (lack of) innocence. And Prince Onyx is going out of his mind.

I’ll post some for free, but I’m poor. Patreon patrons’ll get a bunch to enjoy (along with my downloadable coloring pages!) as will some PayPal people and “Thanks for helping me! Have some free stuff”-people (M!) but I can’t generous myself out of the money by giving it all away.

I gotta hold the facts in my mind:

Enough patrons(*) = Free stuff for everyone = I can afford webhosting, food, clothes, multiple paperback proofing copies of my books to make them look good (sorry), a comfortable home life = Be able to offer print coloring books because I could pay someone to figure the bleed formatting for me because ugh, wtf? Right.

Current situation = I owe Dreamhost money = Looking at WordPress domain hosting but it would be a while = Didn’t list my websites in my coloring book because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ the future is uncertain.

I got a lot on my mind. I think pretty much everyone does at this moment.

So Imma post some cool (and maybe not-so cool) stuff for you to enjoy.

If you’ve got some spare money you want to send my way, I’ll post some stuff for you and all our Internet friends to enjoy. Quarantainment at its best. Or if you’re gonna shop on Amazon or Smashwords, please consider clicking through my referral link so I can nectar collect the spare change they’ll toss my way.

If you’re poor like me (Hi, class-friend!) but you still wanna help me out, please consider sharing my book links and letting people know I exist. In fact, if everyone could do that, that would be great.

Imma edit and republish some older novels. Imma transfer and publish some other novels. And Imma be finishing some stories that need writing.

Oh yeah, ParaShift2 is gonna be posting here (if it’s still here) and on Patreon (unlocked, public accessible). The first stuff is still on LJ, but sorry, I don’t post there no more because Russia.

I am so sad how everything we love gets ruined once it’s sold away from its purpose.

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1. Vampires and Others reveal themselves to fight the aliens, only to have a member of the Vampire Council rewrite the attacking species out of existence, thus rewriting Earth history.

The attacking species have their entire history rewritten, resulting in them being “friendly” telepathic aliens when a human passenger liner gets lost in their space.

They have the same language as the attackers. (I wish I still had the translation dictionary I made 🙁 But I used an old program to make it that no longer exists. Boo. Tho, thinking about it… The Ilemani may have spoken Demoncarne, my demon language, because they have historical ties.) They have some physical similarities. But in all, they’re a humanoid, hermaphroditic people that classify their place in society by the strength of their psionic abilities.

Excerpt: I wrote this in a notebook based on some super cute stickers. Sorry there’s no pictures. =>


Hollandaise assumed she’d had a normal childhood. She’d been happy at least. She’d loved her family and they’d loved her.

She’d been an adorable toddler. Cute enough that her parents hadn’t hesitated to get her into modeling and eventually commercials.

The two of them had met in college and there was an instant connection between them. She’d heard the story her whole life and accepted it as fact: her parents were soulmates.

She’d never seen their Marks, but she was sure it was true. They belonged together.

Someday she hoped to find a love as pure as theirs. Because even though it had taken them months to meet, eventually it had happened. It was inevitable that they meet.

Papa never used the word “soulmate” after the once when she was a girl. He took her to the wildflower fields and let her play for hours before sitting her down for “an important discussion.” All she’d known was that he seemed sad.

That was the day she began wondering if there was a soulmate out there for her. His careful phrasing on the subject made it seem she was a Mateless. She could see his doubt about her and it hurt her.

That small ache grew as she did. Some days it felt like she was in the deep end of the pool and her whole body was getting tired and she couldn’t keep herself up. Those were the days she spent in her room with books and music. Papa had given her an old radio and she had a plastic tub full of chapter books and picture books.

Her favorite books were those featuring soulmates. It became her obsession. One that she hid from her parents.

Papa thought she was a Mateless, she knew it. And Mama… she was strange. She would listen to Hollandaise’s babble about soulmates and there would be a misty smile on her face. It was Mama’s boundless life joy and ever expanding serenity that made Hollandaise think that being in love was the greatest experience of all time.

She could survive Mateless and live without love–but she didn’t want to.

Mama believed in soulmates and she told Hollandaise that it would be a happy day when she found her other half. But there were also days when she would snap at Hollandaise to “Shut up with that trash!” and those were the bad days.

Mama went away during one of her bad days. Hollandaise was 19 at the time. She’d never believed that Papa would have Mama committed; she was wrong.


As a teenager, Hollandaise bloomed into charming beauty. Adults would see her sweet girlhood and wish that she was their child. It created job opportunities and she appeared in hundreds of magazines and commercials.

Without knowing it she became a celebrity. People liked the way she looked and spoke. They wanted to see more of her.

Hollandaise had a brief appearance in a drama show as a girl that dies in a car accident. It was her first television appearance and the beginning of her new life as a STAR.

Over the course of five years she played innumerable orphans and adorable daughters. She received awards for her role as a kidnapped girl rescued by a neighbor with a hidden violent past.

It was then that she began learning aikido and gun training.

Her next few roles could only be described as “fluff,” but the public loved her movies. And she got to play with the cutest, friendliest baby deer she’d ever heard of. She’d loved White Tail nearly as much as she’d come to love Moko the Penguin.

Though her love for White Tail was pure, her love for Moko was also a love by association.

Moko was well-trained as well as being a genuinely friendly penguin. He knew how to play several games and loved to eat. He was adorable and he’d made a perfect co-star for their movie.

Their movie.

Hollandaise would always love Moko for the simple fact that he brought her together with her soulmate. Her co-star and movie sibling Reynard Baines.