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editing The Panic Pure

Editing The Panic Pure while watching The Venture Bros.

I write in Scrivener, edit in OpenOffice with Changes on, update my Scrivener file, then create a mobi to read on my Kindle where I can note minor changes still to make. In all, I read through each section 3-4 times before I do the final read through.


I have plans for The Panic Pure in the near future, which is why I need to clean it up and get it ready. As a result, I’m reading through it again and doing some editing work. As you can see, there’s a lot that goes in to making a manuscript truly readable.

By the time I’m done, every single paragraph will be coated in red and blue. There’s something oddly satisfying about seeing how much has been made different from one stage to the next.

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  1. Nice to know this story is (hopefully) going to be finished. I’ve been wanting to know what happened next with Marshal and Danny for a while now. It’s kinda cruel, the way you post the beginning of a story, and then leave it without a proper ending. :)

    • Haha, yeah. It’s pretty done. It needs some clean up and scene-fixing here and there, but it’s good to go.

      I’ll post the rest of the chapters later today and tomorrow, so you’re not left hanging :D then it’ll be serious editing time.

      • Hey, cool. I’m happy just to hear it’s in the works. Reading the rest of the chapters, then reading it again once you’re done editing and have it published aught to be interesting. Thanks!

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