Videos of the Day

"Videos of the Day"

Videos gathered from around the YouTubes. Enjoy.


Three versions of “Somebody That I Used to Know.” I didn’t much like the original version, though I did like the words. So the acapella version really made me happy. That ones pretty awesome.

Look at him and listen to his voice sing ^_^


Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars! And all I could think while watching this was “Tell it to him, Darth! Rub that beard into the truth and make him suck it!” That’s right, Star Wars is Very Serious Business.


College Humor with their parody “Some Study That I Used to Know.” A look back at high school and all the things learned that cannot be unlearned, or that were just so entirely worthless that it was justĀ  a waste of time. Very funny and very on point, even though I’m one of those people that believes people should learn as much as possible about a bunch of different things. Because if you retain a little bit of a lot of things, well, then you’ll be pretty smart at the end of it all.


More Matthias Harris, this time showing off his instrument skill as he sings “Jealousy.”


And a good rendition of “Boyfriend.”


Some Avengers, of course, because that’s totally what the world needs more of. And cartoon ones even.


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