White Dragon [manga, action-adventure]

White Dragon
Author: Wada Shinji
Artist: Kinutani Yu

Summary borrowed from OurManga: Pursued by the mob, a young child seeks the protection of White Dragon, an assassin with the ability to morph into male or female, and kills by using… water…


The sad thing is that I never got to finish this, but I did read some of the books, enough to know that it was good. If the makers of “White Dragon” would like me to review the rest, please send me English translated copies and I would be happy to oblige  (^_^)/

The artwork in White Dragon is all clean lines and straight story, there’s very little messing around, which gives it a serious air. The main character is an assassin that kills with a mysterious method and has never failed in a mission. The girl is the daughter of someone he once knew, come to seek his help. But all she really brings him is trouble, yet he keeps on bending backward to help her out and faces a rivalry of his own.

The MC doesn’t seem too interested in relationships with anyone, and there is some cross-dressing involved that kind of points to something deeper going on in his head. And he really seems to go out of his way to help the girl, and there does seem to be a kind of “maternal” vibe going on between them that is cute, but also kind of creepy.
Straight up assassin fare, with him going into various undercover situations to get his mark.

The White Dragon is an unstoppable killer, able to get around any kinds of security someone thinks to come up with, and always leaves his target DEAD.

Very awesome. Appeals mightily to the 12 year old boy in me.

Rating: 3 1/2 – 4