MPD Psycho, by Eiji Otsuka [manga, serial killer]

Title: MPD Psycho
Author: Eiji Otsuka
Genre: manga, horror, serial killers
Summary: In MPD-Psycho Volume 1, police detective Kobayashi Yousuke’s life is changed forever after a serial killer notices something “special” about him. That same killer mutilates Kobayashi’s wife and kick-starts a “multiple personality battle” within Kobayashi that pushes him into a complex tempest of interconnected deviants and evil forces. Earning praise for its consistently shocking plotlines and Tajima’s clean, arresting art style, MPD-Psycho is the manga event of the decade!

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is some seriously edgy stuff right here. The drawing style is clean and no-nonsense, so you’re not distracted by a lot of motion lines and garbage. The story itself is pretty twisty and at the end you’re left with this vague feeling that you’ve been run over, but that in all it was a fairly awesome experience. If you’re into serial killer stories, mind control, and group psychosis anyway. Not a whole lot of lovey-lovey here AT ALL, though the female lead is pretty sexy (so go ahead and include her in your fanfic!)

Starts off with a police detective following a serial killer. Then it goes all Se7en when a body is delivered in a cooler. From there you have our protagonist experiencing a complete mental breakdown and being institutionalized for awhile. Then he pops up years later and gets sucked back into the catching serials again.

And that’s when the story really starts. Because at the base of it all is some subversive organization pulling for the resurrection of their cult leader. How? Through the powers of genetics. MPD Psycho–Metro Police, or Multiple Personality Disorder Psycho. And that’s what everyone is in this story. Psycho.

NOTE: This is like Wire In the Blood, Touching Evil, Se7en, Red Dragon, and The 6th Day all rolled up in one manga package. Brilliant, at parts confusing, but in all something not to be missed.