Dressing Up, by Todd Young

Title: Dressing Up
Author: Todd Young (I keep wanting to call him “Adam Young”)
Genre: m/m romance/light erotica
Summary: Skipper has just arrived at college on a football scholarship. The year kicks off with a costume party. Skipper ends up going as Tarzan, in an all too brief costume. At the party he meets Lake, but can Lake and Skipper ever be more than friends?
My Rating: 3 (I liked it. Not my favorite, but I liked it.)

My Review: At first I wasn’t really sure if this book was my thing. Skipper seemed pretty dumb and I spent most of the book feeling sorry for him and how nearly everyone around him took advantage of him in some way.

In the end, I have to say that this was an entertaining read. I mostly focus on sci-fi and fantasy, so this was a little outside of my purview, but I did end up liking Skipper. I’m not sure whether I really liked Lake though. And there’s about a dozen other people whose asses I would happily kick, but I’m just not as forgiving as Skipper seems to be.

This is a book about a young man going to college and being invited to a costume party. The lady at the costume shop is kind of a jerk and he ends up in a Tarzan costume that doesn’t really cover a whole lot. This leads to a bit of humiliation.

It’s a quick read and fairly entertaining. There are some points where you might want to slap Skipper for being that gullible, but that’s the whole point of the story. He’s not the smartest guy around and everyone knows it, including himself. Because of this, he is taken advantage of and most of the time doesn’t even realize that that’s what’s happening. But once he does realize it… Skipper has a bit of a temper. Slow to get going, but scary because he’s such a big guy.

Some of the things that happened were VERY contrived, but that’s what fiction is all about. This is a lazy day read, since I finished it in less than 1 1/2 hours. There’s not a whole lot of thinking involved and it’s not exactly going to change your personal world, but it is entertaining, and in that end, that’s all that matters.