biophage - definition:

1. An organism that derives the nourishment for its existence from another living organism.

There is no me without you. And so I am incredibly grateful for every reader out there and I hope that everyone finds at least one story they enjoy. Thank you!

I was born in Washington, I live in Washington, and at some point I plan on exploring the wide and wonderful world. That or I'm going to get myself a bunch of cats and settle in for the long haul.

I write a mix of many different genres. I just really like to stir them all up together and my brain is so entirely fantastical that all kinds of things just come bubbling up to the surface and take over my life until they get written. Some m/m, some f/m, some gen het, I'm pretty much into every kind of relationship out there.

My writings are mostly plot and character driven. I enjoy the thought of true love, though sometimes that doesn't work out too well for my characters.

My influences: TV, movies, sci-fi books, fantasy books, real life events. Pretty much everything I've ever seen or experienced in my life crops up somewhere in my writing. I like to think that my style is constantly growing and evolving, though where everything is going to end up is a real mystery. I am simply enjoying the journey.



Science fiction and fantasy. Plot and character driven pieces. May contain language, violence, sexual tension without sex for the most part.

EXAMPLES: Heroes & Villains series [superhero].  Of Blood series [urban fantasy].  Blue Dreams series [urban fantasy].  Vedran's Hand.  Pulse of the City [superhero].


Largely PG-13 m/m science fiction and fantasy romance that are based on myths, legends, and fairy tales.

EXAMPLES: Metamorphosis series [mythology, sci-fi] |


M/M romance in various genres - mostly contemporary - and adult in nature. Largely HEAs (Happily Ever Afters) and HFNs (Happy For Nows) and usually between 15,000-60,000 words.

EXAMPLES: Cafe Dela Lune series [MM contemporary].  The Brownstone Diaries series [MM contemporary].  Narcissus series [MM sci-fi].


Science fiction, fantasy, and contemporary. Mostly young adult. F/M for relationship stuff.

EXAMPLES: Altredes.

General disclaimer: All original content copyright to Harper Kingsley.

Content is intended for mature audiences due to language, violent imagery, and sexualized content. Not intended for children.